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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mall update #17: It's SO fluffy!!

Here's the first shot of the stuffed animal shoppe in my growing LEGO mall.  When this pic was snapped, I was still very uncertain of how to build the front corners of this second floor, above the main entrance.  I've since filled that in and barely squeezed in a checkout desk & register.  I've also added a few more patrons.  You'll see it all when it's all done :)

Today's three new videos have no specific theme, other than LEGO itself

Let's see, we have one classic LEGO Town set review, one (2-in-1) Bricklink haul, and one thumbing through of an old LEGO catalog.  Pretty random, I know.  Oh well!  Back to working on my mall I go ;)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Two new LEGO MOCs, military & Minecraft!

With the release of Minecraft for the Xbox One finally around the corner (and with the great news that saves from the Xbox360 can be ported over) I've been inspired to begin work on the mysterious, dark, empty far corner of my all-custom LEGO city.  It's going to be a fully minifig-scaled Minecraft-themed area including a large hillside!  I've now done my very first little pieces of it, with many more to come.

Also over the weekend, I got inspired to make some new stuff for my Planetary Defense Force.  More coming on that front as well!

As always, updates to my mall/city/anything are posted when there are updates.  No updates are posted when there are no updates.  When there are no updates posted, it's because there are no updates.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mall update #16: Time to get Pumped!

Next to the cupcake vendor is the single smallest shop in my mall, a miniature faux-GNC shop with vitamins & supplements on the side nearest the bottom of the shot, protein powders & such opposite.

Small, very small.

Video of all, when all is done.

Friday, April 25, 2014

FAQ: How I deal with DUST on LEGO layouts

It has been awhile since I last did an instructional video on my brick-related channel, and I plan to do more of these in the future.  I hope it's useful!

Mall construction update #15: CUPCAKES!

This may seem odd, but this is the vendor I've been looking forward to building more than any other, since long before I laid the first brick of this mall.  Does anyone remember when I got my first cupcake girl minifig?  Not the recent one.  I'm talking months & months ago.  When I made that order, that is when inspiration for this little thing struck.

Weird.  Word.

Repeat-o-disclaimer:  Video will be done, when the mall is done.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Nine more LEGO classic space & town set reviews!

You awesome blog viewers get to be the first to see all of these just-released new videos!  I'm working overtime here, keeping things interesting while getting ready for the new Summer 2014 sets!  Please enjoy!

Best-Lock Terminator construction playset review!

I didn't think I'd try another Best-Lock product after the first disaster, but this thing here was just so inexpensive, and the idea of minifig T-800 Terminators is so cool!  I had to give it a shot.  This set was $35 when I bought it, but I now see that Toys R Us has it on clearance for $15 (!!).  Fingers crossed!  Check it out...

LEGO city #2 and classic space layouts updated

My two newest brick-based layouts have been updated recently, so here are their updates!

My main custom city has not been updated, therefore there is no update for it.  The next update for that one will be posted the next time that one is updated.  When nothing is updated, no updates will be posted.  Wait, have I said that before? :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

LEGO Classic Space collection progress: Excellent!

I just updated my LEGO classic Space set inventory and realized that between what I've already reviewed, what's in-hand & awaiting review, and what's in the mail, I have covered:
  • Every major-release set from 1979 through 1983
  • All but one of the 1984 sets
  • Half of the '85s
Considering that my very first classic Space review was 5 short months ago, it looks like I'm moving through them pretty well!  I have about a half-dozen '86 & '87 sets in the queue as well, but in the middle of the latter year is when Futuron came in and I'm going to stop before that, for now.  I just don't personally like their style right now.  I plan to skip way forward to Mars Mission next, and we'll see where things go from there.

(Of course, the major LEGO new set release season is about to begin, so that'll keep me quite busy for awhile!)

LEGO Classic Space 6871 Star Patrol Launcher set review

I built this set a couple weeks ago and reviewed it last week, but missed uploading it until now!

Mall construction update #14: Guys need clothes too

This is the other side of the upper faux-Macy's build, the men's clothes department!  The little round dk.tan things are seats by a large window.

Daily disclaimer:  I make videos of things.  I will make a video of this thing. When this thing is done :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mall construction update #13: Going up!

The escalator side of the second floor of my faux-Macy's features kitchenware.

Daily disclaimer:  I make videos of things.  I will make a video of this thing. When this thing is done :)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hello, week! Two new videos

Hey everybody!  Got two new videos done last night for y'all:
Addendum:  I've actually had to delete a steady stream of unforgivably disrespectful comments on the Turret Attack video regarding the origin of the word "flak" or "flack." I would like to suggest that interested folks Google "origin of the word flak."  Every single reference says exactly what I did in the video.  Research beats presumption every time (and on my videos, disagreement is welcomed, but disrespect is not).

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mall construction update #12: Smooth operator

This is a very happy sight!  The entire first floor of my LEGO shopping mall, fully populated, 99% covered with smooth tiles to hold the second floor, and all in its proper place on my layout!

As of this writing, three of the upstairs destinations are complete and a fourth is being started.

(And no, no train station.  Everybody wants to see a train station in my mall.  Not gonna happen!  It would waste a tremendous amount of space and obliterate half of my plans. Also, as always, a video of the completed project will be done, as always, when project is completed.)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

LEGO The Simpsons Series 1 minifigs: ALL 16 up close in HD!

Here are all of the original LEGO The Simpsons collectible figures (from individual mystery blind bags) in one place at one time!

LEGO classic space & classic police set reviews

Here are a couple more vintage set reviews for nostalgia!

Since I now have the trifecta of original LEGO space ships, I went ahead and did a casual side-by-side comparison between them as well:

Mall construction update #11: We've got tools for days!

This is the other side of the lower floor of my faux-Sears shop, the faux-Craftsman tools department!  Sorry I couldn't get a better angle on the photograph without spoiling future updates that were already complete by this time :)

Is this the first time I've shown my new escalator design?  This was the prototype, and faux-Macy's at the other end of the mall got a copy of it.  It's 1/3rd brick wider than my original design, but looks much better and integrates with surroundings & the 2nd floor much more elegantly.

Two more vintage LEGO set reviews

Sleep?  Me?  Nah.  There are videos to produce, stories to share, pieces of history to document!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Twelve new LEGO Classic Space video reviews!

If you don't like classic LEGO space-themed sets, look away right now!  This is the largest batch of review videos I've ever processed in a single day.  Most of these are on the small to medium-small side, and they're all from the late-70s & early 80s, the original series with solid-color astronaut suits.  I hope this is a valuable contribution to the preservation of the history of these great sets!

Still more to come!

Two new review videos released today

Some say the weekend should be a time to relax as much as possible.  Not me; I keep working for y'all :)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mall construction update #10: Sears still exists?

Yep!  At the end of my mall opposite the faux-Macy's is a faux-Sears!  This is the 1st floor appliance department.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Mega-Friday video upload!

I've done so many classic set reviews over the past month (and have so many more on the way) and on every day of the week that I've temporarily suspended the idea of "Flashback Friday," but I still like to make Friday extra special to celebrate the approach of the weekend.  Today I've put up some more old sets and also put my second and third LEGO layouts on video for the first time!

Watch for still more videos to be released over the weekend!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More vintage LEGO sets received!

Another shipment has arrived!  This one's smaller than the last, but still includes some very nice items.

LEGO classic Space 918 One Man Space Ship review

Just one more of these to go (the in-between 924 model) and I'll have the original LEGO spaceship trifecta completed!

Already another dozen vintage sets have been filmed, and will be uploaded over the coming week or two!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Behind the scenes: So, this is happening...

This used to be where I had my video studio setup, before I moved it all to an all-new location last season!  The first set of tables hosts mostly recent City-themed sets, and the other, my growing classic space collection.

The new little city will be named Mellemby, a conjunction of the Danish words for "between" and "town."  It is a temporary resting place for sets that have been filmed, but not yet disassembled.  The next big LEGO set release season is about to begin, so much of the empty space here will be filled in soon!  Various items already on the table will be removed over time as replacements come out or as I make time to tear them apart & sort & file away all of the pieces.

I already know what most questions & comments will be, so I will try to address them in advance!
  1. Yes there will be videos, in due time.
  2. These displays are 100% separate from and unrelated to my main custom LEGO city.
  3. Nothing you see here is final, or ever will be final; this is all subject to constant and incessant change.
  4. Anything that you don't see here, but think I still own may already be disassembled, or it may be somewhere else.
  5. I'm not accepting any suggestions or requests of any kind, for anything in this room.  What will happen will happen, and what will be placed will be placed where it is placed when it is placed there.
  6. I don't currently have room for an airport here either, and I will not even consider making room for one until the next time LEGO releases a bunch of new normal, core, City (town) aircraft sets and I need a temporary place to put them.
  7. I do not want to connect the two displays in any way.
  8. I do not plan to place any MOCs in either of these displays, though I know astute viewers will already notice one, which doesn't count ;)
  9. I review LEGO sets.  Every set I can get my hands on.  Thus, anything you may see in this picture that hasn't yet been reviewed, will be reviewed (in due time).
  10. Yes, I recently mentioned that I have a total of four displays.  No, I have not shown the fourth yet.  Yes, I will show the fourth, in due time.
  11. This should be completely unrelated to this post, but it gets asked everywhere and all of the time anyhow, but my next update video for my main custom LEGO city will be posted the next time there's an update to post! ;)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mall construction update #9: They're alive!

My LEGO shopping mall has no roof yet, and heck, it doesn't even have its whole second floor, but there's already a lot of minifig activity in its halls!  I took this quick picture late last month after filling in the last of the floor tiles.  I'm actually not so happy with the look of jumpers for minifig connection points and in future builds I'll just use plain studs.  Lesson learned!  I know plenty of folks still insist upon completely flat, sparkling, all-tile floors, but I am 100% vehemently opposed to that style in my own MOCs; I need spots to attach minifigs, and the flexibility to move them too!

Oh, the queue. Oh, the QUEUE!

As recently promised, over the past week I've been working essentially double-overtime to make more videos for the entertainment of viewers like you!  I just did a spot check to see how things were progressing overall, and came up with these stats:

  • 20 new videos completed & uploaded this week
  • 7 additional videos filmed, ready to be edited
  • 28 additional sets built, ready to be filmed
  • 19 unbuilt sets in hand, ready to be assembled
  • 7 sets currently on their way, waiting to arrive
Did I mention that I also have a second city-style display already well underway?  And a third?!  And something that looks like a fourth!??!?!  It's no joke, and the stuff isn't off somewhere in the distant realm of "some day I'd like to..."  You'll be seeing much of it soon!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Video mini-avalanche continues!

Here are more videos you'll initially only find through the blog here!  They'll go public on YouTube over the next few days.

LEGO 4-Wide Power Functions RC train v2.1

In February when I was going crazy revamping & ultimately completely redesigning my elevated rail train, I seem to have missed an update for all of you!  It was shown in my last full city walk-through, but never by itself in close detail.  Consider that problem corrected!
This is now a fully 4-stud-wide, working Power Functions IR RC train with no modified parts, running on a combination of "Indiana Jones" turns sections and built-up 4-wide narrow gauge straight rail.  The cars are as follows:
  1. "Forward" cab has no electronics, seats a driver & 3 passengers.
  2. Next is the motive / engine section with a Power Functions S motor mounted vertically on a custom dual drive axle setup.  I did cheat here with the inclusion of a small piece of lead for extra ballast.
  3. The center car has the PF IR receiver & routes its cable through the roof.
  4. Next up is a rechargeable lithium PF battery box.
  5. The last car in line is identical to the first!

Three new videos, including a SPACESHIP!

Big day of uploads today!  Still more to come after this, and blog viewers will see most of it before anyone else!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Who likes vintage LEGO sets? Not just me, I hope!

This is one of two pretty massive Bricklink orders I placed about a week ago to stock up on sets rather than parts.  I filmed my first look through big shipment, which was full of classic space & town sets going back to the early 1970s!

LEGO Zoo MOC missing piece; The Gift Shop

When I gave a video tour of my custom LEGO Zoo I carefully covered every exhibit & structure individually, but I forgot just one.  Here it is now, the gift shop that sits, naturally, right by the exit :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mega Bloks Halo series 9 mini figures reviewed!

Here they are, the latest mystery pack offerings in Mega Bloks' popular Halo line.  In two separate videos I cover the full set of series 9 common, rare, and ultra rare figures, followed by the undocumented transparent "active camo" releases.  Enjoy!

My Mega Bloks Halo minifig collection update!

I receive a lot of requests for collection videos of all kinds, so here's a new one now.  The last time I covered my Mega Bloks Halo minifigs on video was in November 2013 and there have been many additions since then, including a few new or reworked stands to accommodate them all.