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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mall construction update #9: They're alive!

My LEGO shopping mall has no roof yet, and heck, it doesn't even have its whole second floor, but there's already a lot of minifig activity in its halls!  I took this quick picture late last month after filling in the last of the floor tiles.  I'm actually not so happy with the look of jumpers for minifig connection points and in future builds I'll just use plain studs.  Lesson learned!  I know plenty of folks still insist upon completely flat, sparkling, all-tile floors, but I am 100% vehemently opposed to that style in my own MOCs; I need spots to attach minifigs, and the flexibility to move them too!


  1. Looks amazing JANG! The details, it looks so authentic and for pulling this off in LEGO .. WOW!
    Awestruck! Your fan / LEGOholicDAN

    p.s. I realize you couldn't approve that comment as it perhaps contained something you deemed inappropriate for your wider audience, sorry

  2. Nice! Is that a lift, there on the back?

    1. It would be amazing if it is a lift.

    2. It is a lift. You can obviously tell by the slide pole and platform.

  3. Oh nice! I like the style! The studs do look a bit off but not too bad at all! I recomend using more clear/glass peaces! HUGE FAN! :)

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  5. I'm looking forward to seeing what references you might sneak into here :)

    Personally, I feel tiled floors work better for metal/tile surfaces and full studs look better when they're trying to emulate carpet/natural ground

  6. Please do a video of the first floor so we can see the whole mall put together, kinda like how you did a step by step video process on the zoo. ;)