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Saturday, July 30, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory MOC: QiJi 3.0

QiJi 3.0 is a true traditionalist, a breed that is slowly fading away from prominence at the LEGO Hero Factory.  Her fighting style involves melee attacks almost exclusively, with the only exception being a defensive concussion blast her shield is able to emit to help separate multiple enemies.  She switches between multiple distinct forms of martial arts as needed to match the threats she faces.
  • Role: Brawler
  • Animal power: Sabertooth Cat
  • Weapon: Modified Kwan Dao
  • Special ability: Shield Blast
It is said that Qiji has studied directly under "an old friend and rival" of Mr. Makuro.
Fun facts:
  • QiJi's video is an homage to two eras of Chinese martial arts film making -- the early 1970s and the 1990s.
  • My last 4 MOCs, this one included, were all made at the same time, over the span of about 30 minutes one random evening.

Friday, July 29, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory MOC: Onyx 3.0

Onyx 3.0 is the worst enemy of any organized, confident group of villains, as he brings mass amounts of disorder and uncertainty.  This LEGO Hero Factory warrior strikes deep behind enemy lines with devastating speed, precision, and power.
  • Role: Interdictor
  • Weapon: Voulge/phase trident combo
  • Animal power: Jaervian Wolverine
  • Special ability: Daytime stealth
Onyx is intensely stoic and speaks only when absolutely necessary, with the fewest words possible.  When he stands, he stands perfectly still.  When he moves, he moves slowly and deliberately, and yet there are times when he can seem to disappear in the blink of an eye.  Details of his armor and weaponry are classified, but fellow heroes have been able to determine that the trident end of his double-sided polearm uses experimental phase resonance technology.  It is possible that his armor does as well, explaining his ability to seemingly vanish into thin air.
Interesting tidbits:
  • It is rumored that Onyx has regular secret meetings with Specter.  There was once a mention of something being "out of order" within the Hero Factory.
  • Ironically, Onyx does no nighttime missions.
  • Onyx and Stringer have never spoken to one another.
  • Every single piece used on the Onyx 3.0 model is fully black.
  • "Onyx is heavyweight, and still undisputed!"  - Google it

Thursday, July 28, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory MOC: Lennick 3.0

If you were to find yourself trekking through the Savage Planet forests on a LEGO Hero Factory "bring your human to work" day, chances are from time to time you'd think you saw the blur of a giant insect darting from tree to tree, high up in the canopy.  That's no insect, that's our defensive "eyes in the sky," Lennick 3.0:
Lennick is a fidgety, high-energy hero who speaks fast, yet softly, and has an exceedingly kind and caring personality.  He is generally deployed as either a forward scout on offensive missions, or light escort for exploratory excursions.  His "wings" are actually high-volume ultrasonic resonance sails that allow him to glide at a fixed altitude (such as going from tree to tree or crossing a gulley) for about six seconds at a time.  In an emergency, he can overcharge them and, with the help of a springing leap, ascend up to 150 vertical meters.

Lennick's weapon is his own design.  The head features a single ultra-hard piercing spike opposite a two-pronged claw intended to grab onto surfaces for rappelling.  This is attached to a strong polyorganic tether that combines properties of natural rubber and cellulose fiber.  He wields the weapon in countless ways like a traditional Eastern rope dart, seamlessly transitioning between offensive and defensive moves with fast-paced twirls and jabs.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory MOC: Boravus 3.0

Introducing Boravus 3.0 from the LEGO Hero Factory, assigned to the Savage Planet missions.
  • Role: Berserker
  • Weapon: Dual-pronged Quaza spear
  • Animal power: Fire Badger
  • Special ability: Reactive Armor
Boravus is a rule-breaking survivalist who will do whatever it takes to defeat his enemies and protect his comrades.  The Hero Factory has a strict policy prohibiting the use of corrupted Quaza weapons, yet Boravus uses two spikes of the outlawed material in his spear.  When the spikes penetrate the armor of one of the Savage Planet villains, it is as if the creature is coming under the control of the Witch Doctor all over again.  For a few seconds, the creature is nearly paralyzed as the energies flow through it and Witch Doctor's concentration is broken.  This is when Boravus activates the secondary aspect of the spear, dual plasma rods, taking the poor villain out of commission for good.  He uses a hook & dagger multi-tool, holstered on his left side, to remove Quaza implants from his fallen foes.

Boravus also has reactive fire armor that can burn anything that strikes it with with sufficient force & speed.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A good evening of LEGO Hero Factory MOC-making

What you see above is the skeleton of one of my first LEGO Hero Factory Savage Planet series villains.  I made three villains this evening, plus two more 3.0 heroes.  The point of this is not to focus on this one skeleton or the MOC that was built around it, nor to invite impatient demands of details of the completed creation (just wait for it already).  What I really want to note here is that I feel that like LEGO's set designers, I'm becoming more comfortable with the ball-and-socket building system.  When this system was first introduced, I really had trouble wrapping my head around how to build within its physical constraints without experiencing creative constraint.  I was quick to fall back on Technic parts and Bionicle style building techniques.  I think I'm starting to "get it" now, as I'm no longer looking at each individual part in the light of its original intent.

The structure above was built using, if I counted correctly, 34 (don't hassle me if I'm off by 1) of LEGO's Hero Factory skeletal pieces and very few other things.  I ended up using some old Bionicle parts for the head, but that was just by choice, to make something extra unique (I actually started with the head, then built the skeleton).  Most of the remaining parts that turn this stick figure into a Quatros-native creature are Hero Factory armor & accessory items.

I think it's similar to that moment of enlightenment new Bionicle MOC-makers used to experience the first time they discovered how a foot could make a good armor piece, or even the core of a torso. Once you look at the parts as just shapes, not representations of specific objects, the fun can truly begin!

PS:  Looks like a bat skeleton, doesn't it?  I didn't notice that until I took this picture.  I can assure you the end result is absolutely nothing like a bat, though.

PPS:  Please don't hassle me about when my next MOC video will be posted.  As I repeat like a broken record, Lego MOC videos are not my life.  Today, for instance, I rendered & uploaded 39 videos for one of my other YouTube channels! Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Monday, July 25, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory MOC: Blanko XL

Yesterday's Hero of Tomorrow, the Lego Hero Factory's one and only Blanko, first seen in basic 1.9 form, has received his well-deserved XL-sized upgrade.  Who cares that he was conveniently passed over for animal power updates?  He didn't want to visit the Savage Planet, so why would he need to when he's officially "the most awesome anything, ever?!"

Friday, July 22, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory MOCs: Savage Planet heroes TEASER

A super-quick teaser of 3.0 series Savage Planet Hero Factory hero MOCs on the way!  This only shows bits of a few creations out of the 23 I've yet to publish!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory MOC: Rocka 2.0

This is the closest I could get to a Rocka 2.0 (CG version) MOC with the Hero Factory parts I had.  The YouTube video talks about all of the little things that are "wrong" with it because there are parts on the CG Rocka 2.0 that just don't exist IRL.  Just figured I'd give it a shot.

LEGO Hero Factory Savage Planet 3.0 hero Combiners

Capping off my Hero Factory set build/review videos are the 3.0 hero combiners, and they're all online now:
Now after taking a bit of a break, I guess I'll be able to get back to doing MOCs again!  I also have a Hero Factory storyline queued up for Zeyek, featuring 19 MOCs I've already done.

LEGO Hero Factory Savage Planet Villain video reviews - ALL

Here are all of my Hero Factory Savage planet villain set build/review videos for easy access:
Stay tuned for more under LEGOJANG on YouTube including MOCs!

LEGO Hero Factory Savage Planet 3.0 hero video reviews - ALL

At long last YouTube has finished chewing on my Hero Factory Savage Planet hero set review videos, and here they are:
Enjoy!  Be sure to subscribe to LEGOJANG on YouTube to see all of the videos as they're posted (or as YouTube decides to make them available).

Monday, July 18, 2011

Where I got my Lego Hero Factory Savage Planet / 3.0 sets

I'm still getting an astonishing number of questions of where I got my Hero Factory sets in the US, even though YouTube user after Blogger poster has answered the question.  I hope this post here closes the cycle once & for all.
In the US as of the time of this post, Lego Hero Factory sets are available at many Toys R Us stores.  Some stores get them sooner than others.  Within the next week or so, all of them should have them.  Where I got mine, though, was on the Toys R Us website.  Here are links to each set:

Blanko WILL get the XL treatment!

Hello, citizens!  I just wanted to let you all know that everyone's favorite Yesterday's Hero of Tomorrow, Blanko himself (pictured above at version 1.9), will be making a triumphant return to glory (not that he ever left it) in enormously epic, XL form!

Because he is such an astonishing character, I know he has the power to pull attention away from anything and everything else Hero Factory-related, including the entire Savage Planet series.  Therefore, it has been decided that all of the Savage Planet reviews will be published before I unleash the awesome awesomeness that is Blanko XL.

(PS: This post was authored by Blanko.)

LEGO Hero Factory Stormer 3.0 set review

The LEGO Hero Factory's Stormer 3.0 is next up in my Savage Planet build & review video series:

Just one more normal-sized hero to go, Furno, followed by the huge Rocka XL!

LEGO Hero Factory Nex 3.0 set review

The review-a-thon continues!  The next hero in the Savage Planet series to get the build & video treatment is Nex 3.0:

Others are already being rendered/uploaded already!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory Bulk 3.0 set review

You've seen Rocka 3.0 and Stringer 3.0, now here's Bulk 3.0:

More LEGO Hero Factory Savage Planet reviews on the way -- I'm doing them all!

Friday, July 15, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory Stringer 3.0 set review

Here's my second Savage Planet series set review, Hero Factory's Stringer 3.0:

Brought to you by my LEGOJANG YouTube channel :)

LEGO Hero Factory Rocka 3.0 set review

The LEGO Hero Factory Savage Planet series sets are finally out in the US and my reviews have begun!  First up, the new guy, Rocka 3.0:

Be sure to subscribe to LEGOJANG on YouTube.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory Savage Planet sets on the way

The wait is finally almost over.

The Toys R Us website has been changing several times per day with products appearing and disappearing and changing in stock status.  Yesterday was the first time I saw the any of the Savage Planet series sets in stock, and I ordered all of the ones I could at the time.  Bulk and Rocka (normal size) were out of stock at the time I placed my order.  Stringer was listed as being "in stock," but the site wouldn't let me add it to my cart, saying there weren't enough (1) available to fulfill my order.

Today, Bulk, Stringer, and Rocka all appeared in stock again, which makes no sense as I highly doubt another batch arrived from Lego already.  Regardless, I have them on order now as well, though I had to pay twice for shipping thanks to the TRU site quirkiness.  Same thing happened to me when the Ordeal of Fire series was released, too!

As soon as the sets arrive, the videos and MOC-making will begin.  I actually wasn't able to mentally get into the theme of the fire villains and firefighter heroes, but the jungle theme excites me a lot and I look forward to dipping into the massive Bionicle parts archive to churn out a lot of Rahi, er, I mean, Savage Planet native fauna :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory July 4th tribute

I made these patriotic Hero Factory MOCs about a month ago, but didn't get a chance to post them up due to a tremendous backlog of work for other (non-LEGO) sites & YouTube channels of mine.  I'm finally starting to get caught up, and I'm happy to be able to unleash these two basic heroes as a July 4th tribute to the American soldier and victories against evil foes.

Happy July 4th!

Now where are those Savage Planet sets?!