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Friday, July 15, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory Stringer 3.0 set review

Here's my second Savage Planet series set review, Hero Factory's Stringer 3.0:

Brought to you by my LEGOJANG YouTube channel :)


  1. Cool. Really want to see W.D review, Stormer, and Bulk. W.D, Bulk, Stormer, Nex, and rocka are my Favs!

  2. Hi jang i thonk this guy is epic. great review i am getting mine monday

  3. Maybe to day my stringer will arrive. I watched this review three time and is just awsome ;)

  4. lego must have been thinking the same thing as me, because i've also used the body armor as a shoulder piece. his claw base could be used as a pretty decent shinguard. since i know that we're all thinking it, i'll just say it. ALL HAIL KEETORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. please consider the M.T.I.S. idea for future mocs

    p.p.s. bulk and stringer 2.0 mocs could use a color update now that we have these parts!

  5. Stringer is the man! XD

  6. Cool. When do you think your getting Bulk? T'm taking that into consideration because of the post before Rocka's. Well, that's it for now!