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Monday, June 6, 2011

Lego Hero Factory MOC: Stormer XL (2.0 series)

While the US release of the Lego Hero Factory 3.0 series figures is rapidly approaching, I still have some 2.0 series MOCs yet to share.  Today I bring you Stormer XL.  I made this character just because I was dying to try out a large-sized 2.0 hero, and given Stormer's Alpha Team leadership position, he made for the perfect candidate.
This figure is about 11 inches tall and uses HF, Bionicle, Technic, and System parts all together.  The weapon is an UBEr Blaster (heh heh).  UBEr = Unbufferred Beryllium Ether.  When an enemy gets hit by a blast of this stuff, he gets chemically frozen, as if put in stasis.  No amount of heat will thaw him out -- it takes a special counteracting chemical process that's a closely-guarded secret of the Hero Factory.
Everything about Stormer XL is upgraded, including not only his gun, but his armor and targeting computer.  As I explain in the video, he has wing-like things on his back, but I'm not sure I want to say he can actually fly.  I prefer to look at those parts as just part of his uniform, something to make him look more respectable and important.
Be sure to check out the YouTube video with more angles and explanation:

BTW, apologies for the annoying watermark over the photo, but I have to do something to help protect my work from all those rank, scummy thieves who try to take credit for other peoples' work.