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Thursday, March 24, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory MOC: Bulk 2.0

Well, I made a LEGO Hero Factory Stringer 2.0, so you knew a Bulk 2.0 was coming, right?  Well, indeed, here he is, a silver-clad Bulk 2.0 with an all-new weapon.  The original Hero Factory plan was to give Bulk 2.0 a double-barrel weapon as is the standard, but the deceptively high weight of the weapon forced it to be reduced to a single barrel.  It's basically an ice spike cannon, but the heavy twist centers around the two canisters on top.  These are filled with a super-compressed liquid metal (compressed nearly to the point of becoming a solid!).  The metal exits through a series of atomizers and coats the "ice" spike as it's formed.  Other compounds in the spike bond with the metal and form a solid metal-composite encasement, the weight and hardness of which adds significantly to the kinetic energy of the projectile. With the help of the pointed tip of the spike, blasting through some of the toughest forms of vehicle & aircraft armor becomes a possibility.

Because of the weight of his weapon, Bulk 2.0 is the first second-series Hero to utilize skeletal augmentation.  His left forearm is doubled up, not so much for strength, but to stabilize the weapon and help Bulk 2.0 take precise shots.  With only one barrel to his weapon and a slightly slower-than-average reload speed, every shot has to really count!

Here's the quick little vid...

Video: LEGO Hero Factory MOC - Bulk 2.0

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lego Hero Factory Savage Planet FINAL OFFICIAL hero photos!

LEGO has released the first official Hero Factory Savage Planet set images to vendors and they've been spotted at German online toy shop Mikado.  As of this writing only the standard heroes have photos but the rest are sure to follow.  Check 'em out!

Rocka 3.0:

NEX 3.0:

Hit the link for more Hero Factory Savage Planet heroes...

Stormer 3.0:

Bulk 3.0:

Stringer 3.0:

Furno 3.0:

LEGO Hero Factory MOC: Stringer 2.0

Hey, I can do this right?  The LEGO Hero Factory released a Stringer 1.0, and there's going to be a Stringer 3.0, so why not a Stringer 2.0?!

This MOC went together pretty quickly once I recolored the hero core and helmet.  "IndyBatman" dropped the idea to try a Stringer 2.0 on my LEGO-specific YouTube channel and though it's extremely uncommon (practically unheard-of) that I have the time to consider requests, the planets & stars aligned this week and I was able to make a couple of rare exceptions.

When 2.0-series upgrade specs were being developed for Stringer, he was dreading the idea of abandoning his trusty sonic boom cannon in favor of a generic "MTIS"-based weapon.  He pleaded his case to the development manager overseeing his upgrade and was able to hang on to sonic offensive technology, just for now.  The result is the multi-harmonic ice shotgun.  A cluster of independent ultrasonic emitters individually charge the ice spikes in the firing chamber.  By tuning them to different frequencies, they act against different compounds in the target surface, helping to defeat polyalloy and composite armors.  A small pre-fire emmitter is installed on top of the shotgun to take an ultrasonic sample of the target moments before charging & firing, to best optimize the offensive frequencies. 

On occasion, Stringer 2.0 will even manually set the frequencies for a known target, and he can actually make them all identical to target a homogenous (made of a single molecular compound) structure.  His favorite practical joke around the Hero Factory is to sneak into the Hero reconditioning lab and blast the cleansing fluid off just-cleaned colleagues, or blast the standard joint oil out of those that have just been re-lubed.  His subjects never find it amusing, but you have to admire the devious genius of it all!

Don't miss the short vid...

Video:  LEGO Hero Factory MOC - Stringer 2.0

Monday, March 7, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory MOC: Blanko 1.9

Introducing the one, the only, Blanko 1.9!  "Yesterday's Hero of Tomorrow!"  The reputation of this mighty Lego Hero Factory creation doesn't precede him, so here he is in person, to tell you all about... himself!  Clicky...

Video:  Lego Hero Factory Hero, Blanko 1.9

I'm back!

After fully two weeks of downtime caused by this horrible flu that's been sweeping the nation, followed by the nasty secondary illness that piggy-backed on it, I'm back in action, good as new (almost) and ready to return to the swing of things in the LEGO Hero Factory MOC world.  I have a number of queued up MOCs that have been sitting by the wayside either complete or nearly complete, and the first of them will be published tonight! 

Sorry for the long delay, but thanks for your patience!