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Monday, December 31, 2012

Faceless One MOC #2

Here's just another variant in the Faceless Ones series I started a week or so ago. I'll probably do a couple more of these; they're easy and I like them.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hero Factory Brain Attack MOC: Steelwolf, plus BONUS

Out of order here, this one was built before Jet Rocka, but I wanted to get JR out sooner as I thought more folks would like it.  This is just another animal-based Brain Attack MOC I threw together this weekend. Oh, and there's a surprise bonus at the end.

Hero Factory MOC: Ketresun

A Brain Attack series MOC built up from a body I've had sitting around collecting dust for quite awhile, waiting for a purpose in life!

Hero Factory MOC: Jet Rocka (Brain Attack wave 2)

Today everybody is going all crazy about the release of Brain Attack wave 2 set names on Brickset. A little vindication for me & my use of the "wave 1" term with all of my Brain Attack reviews to date, from the start.  Just one of the newly unveiled names caught enough of my attention to inspire a quick little MOC.  Introducing my first idea of what a Jet Rocka could look like, built on a purely current Hero Factory style ball-and-socket skeleton.

Hero Factory Brain Attack minor revamps

Some of the wave 1 Hero Factory Brain Attack sets just didn't come out right in my view, so I took the liberty of revamping them slightly to stay completely within the original size & style & intent of the official figures, while making them more complete & satisfying for my personal tastes.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Videos of all Brain Attack combination models!

I've completed all of the LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack wave 1 combi / combiner / combination models and they're all up on YouTube. Obviously these were made without the instructions as the instructions are not yet out.  Once the instructions are out, they'll be out, and everybody will be able to see and use them.

Monday, December 24, 2012

ALL Hero Factory Brain Attack Set Reviews complete!

I went all-out for the past 24 hours and completed all of the "Spring 2013" LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack set build & review videos, with more Brain Attack vids still to come!

Brain Attack Heroes:

Brain Attack Villains:
Please don't ask if I'm going to do other videos that I always do. If I always do them, I'm still going to do them (and in fact, they're already done, just rendering) :)

Please spread the word!
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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Brain Attack Furno XL (wave 1) review video!

Yes! My first Hero Factory Brain Attack wave 1 review covers the big guy, Furno XL.  This one is super long because it's my first in the series and there are some new things to talk about that are continued throughout this release series. If the video seems too long for you to be able to watch, just skip ahead to what you want to see!

I Can Has Brain Attack?

Yes, yes, I CAN has Brain Attack!  Got really lucky yesterday and, well, it's explained in the video!  Work on reviews begins soon!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Hero Factory MOC: A Faceless One

My most recent Hero Factory MOC, an anti-hero with a little bit of back-story covered in the video.

PS: New sets will be reviewed once they're available in my region. Just because they're out in stores in some parts of the world, doesn't mean they're available in my part of the world! Thanks in advance for your understanding & patience.