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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Cyberpunk conversion of the LEGO Death Star (progress)

Back in March I dedicated the Mellemby District section of New Jang City to the viewers and asked for your suggestions for an overall theme or direction. Over 1,700 comments poured in and though the responses were quite varied, easily the most common request was for a cyberpunk scene (Blade Runner, Akira, lower Coruscant, Altered Carbon, etc.).  Just last month, I thought of finally putting my idle Death Star to use by converting it to work in this space, and viewers approved.  Thusly I build!

Probably one or two more updates should bring this project to a close "for now" and then I'll switch over to something else.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle 71043 reviews

The second most complex LEGO set ever.  The longest build process for me, ever.  My longest time without sleeping, ever. My longest review video, ever.  This was a big deal.


Summer 2018 LEGO Star Wars video coverage

It's been an extraordinarily busy season for me, with many.  Living on the West coast of the US, being in specifically in a region with stores that are increasingly respectful of contractually-mandated sales embargo dates, and accepting no sponsored products for reviews, I was at a tremendous disadvantage to most of the LEGO YouTuber world with respect to acquiring & reviewing products on a timely basis.  I did the best I could, though, and tried to at least maintain my normal standards of quality in spite of the time crunch.


LEGO DC Super Heroes summer 2018 reviews

After the big run of Marvel merchandise not long ago, the DC world got limited LEGO representation this season, but one of the sets is nearly perfect.  Another is a remote-controlled batmobile.


LEGO City 60200 Capital City playset review & overview videos

Early fan impressions of this set were not particularly glowing, with 2015's City Square & 2013's Town Square rating significantly higher.  The set finally came out in August in the US and I gave it both long- and short-form video treatments to offer viewers some additional tools to decide for themselves whether this City flagship set is worth a purchase.


LEGO Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts collectible minifigure series videos

These CMF series just keep getting larger, this one featuring 22 different characters from J.K. Rowling's infinitely successful Wizarding World book & movie franchise.  I've again offered up two ways to see each figure up close in my studio, with the traditional casual narrated style as well as the far more succinct "quick" look for folks less interested in the theme or with less free time on hand.


LEGO Voltron 21311 reviews

I enjoyed the original American(ized) Voltron TV series in its original run in the 80s, cherished my one piece of related merch (a coloring/activity book), and longed for the toys.  A couple decades later, I finally got one of the toys.  After still another decade, the GoLion series got its first really worthy follow-on, the Netflix-exclusive reboot, and I found myself shopping for another collectible to display just before LEGO picked this set to produce through the Ideas system.  I couldn't have asked for better timing!


LEGO Minecraft summer 2018 set reviews

For some reason, my brain only registered that there were two new Minecraft sets coming this season, but there were three.  Plus a BrickHeadz 2-in-1.  Okay, I was pretty far off.