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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lorne addresses the Sempax

It has been awhile since we last caught a glimpse of Lorne, my Bionicle self-MOC that made the transition over to the Hero Factory universe.  Given his dark and somewhat mysterious appearance, it's no surprise that many of you correctly guessed that Lorne would be caught up in this whole "Order" mess.
I don't know about you, but I'm growing weary of all of these cryptic transmissions.  It's been a rare honor getting such inside info, but without more of the backstory, it's difficult to piece it all together.  I long to know more.  A lot more.  I think I'm going to call in a favor with an old friend soon.
The transcript of the Lorne's audio stream is attached...

"Kyin ma gbi wu Or'Da, Sempax. (I honor the Order with you, Sempax.)
Apologies for the intrusion.

I've gone over the reports and
double-checked with recent sensor data
from civilian cellestial weather

It all adds up.

Two anomalies consistent with small matter
transfers, then one suggesting a mass as
large as any of us just 12 cycles before
the breakout. I've seen numerous small
blips, one of which coincided precisely
with the time of Goruz's transmission.

With all due respect, Sempax,
this *is* happening. A bridge
device *is* operational in the
Light universe and being
used ...


My goodness.
The data doesn't rule out the
possibility of the bridge
being here, in the Dark
universe, *pulling* ...


Forgive me, Sempax, I have
spoken too soon. I need to
investigate further.

Kyin ma gbi wu Or'Da, Sempax.
(I honor the Order with you, Sempax.)"

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Boravus addresses the Sempax

Today's intercepted transmission comes from the loud & rebellious Boravus, revealing perhaps more clues about the situation with the Hero Factory and Goruz, along with a frightening rumor we hadn't yet heard...
Update: Full transcript added for English-speaking folks who couldn't understand the English...

"Kyin ma gbi wu Or'Da, Sempax.
(I honor the Order with you, Sempax.)

Alright, let's cut to the chase.
You know why I'm here.

This whole Goruz thing is about to blow
up in our faces, elder brother -- I don't
think you fully appreciate the gravity
of the situation here.

If that gaudy basket case comes to the
Dark Universe and we're still playing
nicey-nice Assembly Tower action figure
playset, we're screwed, get it? Screwed!
Protecting Makuhero City will be the least
of your problems!

We need to be allowed to use our full
powers, not after it's too late, but now!
Have you heard the rumors? Voltix might
not be a Grey after all? He may have
actually crossed over?

Worry about PR and the tin-heads later.

Restore the Order!

Kyin ma gbi wu Or'Da, Sempax.
(I honor the Order with you, Sempax.)"

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Onyx addresses the Sempax

Another day, another fuzzy, encrypted transmission directed to the "Sempax" and making reference to "The Order."  It's a rare treat, indeed, to actually hear the voice of Onyx, normally the epitome of the "strong & silent type."

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Specter addresses the Sempax

What you are about to hear is an encrypted, audio-only transmission sent out by fan favorite Specter, the perennial stealth specialist.  It is the first in a series of personal pleas sent through a very convoluted network of communication relays not accessible by most Hero Factory personnel.

We've heard rumblings about "order" in the past.  What could it be?  Who is the Sempax?  What are the "Greys?"

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ultimate Arachnix

In follow-up to my Super Arachnix Drone and even more substantive Ultra Arachnix Drone, this Ultimate Arachnix is as far as I could stretch the theme with the parts I had, while doing my best to primarily rely upon the "Hero Factory" ball-and-socket LEGO action figure building system, and also sticking to a single color scheme.  Even with the many duplicate sets I've bought in the past, this Ultimate Arachnix used up most of my black armor pieces, and all but one of my transparent red/orange pieces!  I was really happy to use 1.0 series hero torso pieces for the articulated shoulders of this beast, and you'll see some first season HF villain leg pieces (actually originally from the Ben 10 series, like it or not) used in the workings of the rear shoulders.

I've been holding onto the Terrain Crawler cockpit since early in my Bionicle hoarding days, knowing some day I'd find a perfect use for it!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Uber-villain: GORUZ

Some say we know all of the great villains of the Hero Factory universe...

...but Goruz knows otherwise.

Shameless MOC photo thieves: 0, You: Win

There have been a handful of times in the past that I've posted about folks of wildly varying ages shamelessly taking photos right off this page and immediately re-uploading them to the official LEGO Hero Factory Gallery with new names & backstories.  What I bring to you today, though, puts all of those previous reports to shame.

Over the past few months I've been quietly collecting notes from readers like you both here and on YouTube who have pointed out various places my photos have shown up with other people taking completely undue credit.  Over the past week, I went through the proper channels and got 21 of these... situations... corrected.
From the official LEGO Hero Factory Gallery:
  • sert3210 stole photos of my Ultra Arachnix, Stormer XL, and Trachylomid
  • kiliankip posted up my Anansi mobile gun drone
  • duncan1921 uploaded a shot of the 4-legged walker from my Bionicle: Untold Rilovian storyline
  • hanifanilham "borrowed" Blanko 1.9
  • cameronhead tried to take credit for my Bionicle MOC "Greed"
  • gabriel9377 used my photo of the normal Breakout Surge for some reason, complete with my watermark all over it
  • happydap123 claimed my Vaptix R-1S as his own
  • asdfhd took one of my photos of Alba
  • mrblue4397 re-uploaded a pic of Tylus
  • dien3981, furkfrompork, and m1970arcelo each tried to take credit for my "The Drone" movie replica from Rise of the Rookies, which in turn wasn't even my design to begin with.  The difference is that had the decency to explicitly state exactly what the creation was, what inspired it, where it came from, and, once I found out, who did the original design that then inspired the movie version. I also actually built the one I blogged about with my own hands and my own parts, and I took the photos myself.
  • m1970arcelo went not just the extra mile, but extra miles by snatching some of my photos of Redox 2.0, Ruze 2.0, Alba, Stringer 2.0, Bulk 2.0, and Specter 2.0
Also reported by a YouTube viewer, an eBay user under the name marshadharris put up a for-sale listing for all 3 of the 2.0-series hero combiner sets, and used one of my photos as if it was a picture of what he/she was selling.

Thanks to some very basic laws out there that essentially say "you can't steal," all of the above entries in the offical HF gallery have been deleted, and the eBay auction was taken down.

Once again I must thank all of you readers out there who report these things, and would appreciate any continued help since I really don't get much time to browse anything for any reason.  I also don't desire to trawl the 'net looking for people who are trying to take credit for my work.  I prefer to focus on making MOCs, testing RC cars & planes, spending time with my girlfriend, and doing other positive, enjoyable things.

Now, every time I make mention of the whole abstract concept of "stealing is bad," at least one hero steps up to defend the thiefdom, saying something like, "They're just kids, they don't know what they're doing."  Some responses from me:
  1. Some of them say they're in their teens. They know what they're doing.
  2. Many of them didn't just re-up the photos, they gave the creations new names and wrote descriptions saying how long it took them to build the MOCs or how difficult they were.  They know what they're doing.
  3. I'll split the truly young kids who have done this stuff into two groups...
    1. Some know full well that they're taking someone else's work and calling it their own, but they don't think this is wrong, as long as they don't get caught.  This is a failure of parenting, and needs to be fixed. Theft & plagiarism are wrong, and you won't get far in life with either.
    2. Some don't fully understand what they're doing at all, they're just moving around pictures that they like. I'm not mad at 'em, but they still need to know that on this planet called Earth, which they'll be living in for their whole lives, taking other peoples' stuff without their permission isn't something you should do. Simple as that.