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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Elevated rail stop progress so far

I've been able to do a fairly consistent sequence of MOC work this week! Strangely it's still surprising many viewers that this second elevated train station has progressed in what I consider a natural direction, from extremely rough when it first started, to gradually more polished after a week of work.  Many folks think that when something is first started, that's exactly how it will look when it's finished, a puzzling and somewhat perturbing flaw in their basic understanding of... so many fundamental things.  I've also seen a dramatic rise in decisively non-constructive feedback like, "This whole thing is awful," or "Your worst build ever you should do [what I, individual viewer want this second]," again all while things are still being changed significantly from day to day. Actual constructive criticism is something I consistently revel in and reward with thumbs up, hearts, and personal replies due to its value and increasing rarity.  However, I definitely don't need to be showered with flat-out one-sided negativity while doing something I enjoy, and I'm not going to reward destructive behavior.  Thus, reluctantly, I'm going to start disabling comments on MOC build videos until I'm done with a project.  Making custom things, whether physical or digital, is something I enjoy, and I'm not going to allow completely random, anonymous people with zero investment to even try to ruin that.

More progress soon, though!


Monday, May 21, 2018

Second elevated rail station build kick-off

Hooray for New Jang City work!  I'm taking a short bit of time off from the mountain corner while waiting for Bricklink orders to arrive.  This leaves some space in the schedule to work on an essentially untouched block in the downtown area.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty review

That face though.

LEGO Dino Defense HQ from 2012 reviewed

For a "flashback Friday" of sorts this week I finally assembled the biggest set from LEGO's last non-licensed prehistoric animal theme.

You can find a few more of my reviews from this theme if you scroll all the way back to the beginning of my dino-centric playlist.

LEGO room videos of the past week or so

Circumstances straddling the edges of what I can control have made it extraordinarily difficult over the past couple of months for me to get LEGO work done, especially in my city.  I've done what I can, though, and am clawing my way back slowly in the direction of normalcy.


Sunday, May 6, 2018

LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series Y-Wing Starship build & review videos

This second "Ultimate" version of the Y-Wing does not have the sort of across-the-room visual punch of some of the other entries in the series, even completely ignoring the record-holding Falcon.  However, if you actually build this model, or just spend some quality time up close, it's easy to objectively understand & justify the price tag.  The question is whether that's enough, though; less tangible & calculable factors are still at play.


Friday, May 4, 2018

LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster build & review videos! 10261

LEGO may have generated another round of worldwide release envy by putting the newest Ninjago sets out in Denmark only, probably months before any other place will get them, but I'm striking back at 'em with this biggest-yet amusement ride I got off eBay for a reasonable price a couple weeks ahead of schedule.  The build took a good 7+ hours and casually exposed me to some pretty advanced and humbling LEGO math.  Best of all, the finished product works every bit as well as anyone could ask for, if not better.


LEGO Jurassic World wrap-up

There is no way it has been well over a week since my last post.  Impossible!  I've had the browser tab I'm typing this in open and I've been getting my ducks in a row to have a bit of proper downtime to catch up here... since April 25th.  Crazy!  Time flies & all that ey?

Well, here are the belated links to my last few Jurassic World/Park related videos, including the previously-unplanned display I set up to present the whole theme together:

I did the temporary diorama because I hadn't yet made any progress towards my longer-term, customized dino display (beyond basically prepping the table itself).  I figured it's best to use the space for a little while for something a lot of viewers wanted to see.  I'll switch back to the original plan when I'm ready.