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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Breakout MOC: Ultra Arachnix

This is a follow-up to my Super Arachnix Drone, now with an even larger design. Bigger body, bigger legs, more armor, more armament! Should I go bigger still?

Friday, December 30, 2011

Folks who pester me to post more...

...stop.  Seriously.  Stop.  LEGO building is a small hobby on the side. I go 2 or 3 days without posting a new LEGO MOC and I start to get desperate comments & YouTube messages demanding that I do more immediately. This is completely unreasonable and completely unfair to me. Stop.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lucient Sprite MOC

This is a really weird one.  I didn't take the time to give it any Hero Factory backstory.  I didn't really even create it with any specific purpose other than to just put a bunch of semi-transparent parts on a hero-style skeleton!

Still waiting for Breez & Thornraxx

Yeah, the final Hero Factory hero and the final Breakout villain for Series 4 wave 1 continue to elude not only me, but the entire continent in which I live.  Perhaps even the entire hemisphere!  Can't build & review something I can't get my hands on.  Sorry guys :(  I'm waiting just like so many of you are...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Breakout MOC: Super Arachnix

My first LEGO (published) Hero Factory villain MOC, a Super Arachnix Drone, part of Black Phantom's forces from the Breakout theme. I just really like the official small Arachnix and wanted to expand upon the idea by making something bigger. Pretty easy to do and there are a lot of options for different customizations. You could theoretically make all sorts of different ones with different color schemes like Bionicle Vakhi! Hmm, that's not a bad idea actually, might do that for fun :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Breakout MOC: Ketta

Ketta is just another really simple, really basic, really quick LEGO Hero Factory MOC made to go with the Breakout theme.  The idea here was just to use some Ultrabuild green parts and see how they'd look on a character that could conceivably look like an actual LEGO set, without a highly custom weapon or scratch-built body or what not.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory Furno series 4 set review (Breakout)

Here's another LEGO Hero Factory series 4 (Breakout) release, Furno.  The original super-rookie! He may no longer be the front-running underdog in the series, but he's still liked by many, and thankfully they made him one of the larger heroes of the line.
Just one more to go!

Farewell, Lorne... and others

Tonight the original, Bionicle universe form of Lorne, my self-MOC, was finally disassembled to harvest its many "special" pieces and to make room for more Hero Factory creations.  Lorne 2.0 lives on in its stead.

Behind the scenes, I've recently quietly disassembled an entire shelf worth of my favorite Bionicle characters, and over the past few weeks I've built 15 more new Hero Factory MOCs for which I'll start slowly releasing videos this week.  Exciting times on the LEGO front!

In somewhat related news, I've begun to realize that the overwhelming majority of my neatly-sorted Bionicle parts have not been touched all year, even when I've had intense MOC-making sprees.  I'm a collector at heart and really, really like having "one of everything" at my fingertips, but what's the point if most of it sees no use?  It's beginning to feel like there's another epic parts sell-off coming in the first half of 2012.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Splitface solid red vs. solid gray vs. Thunder helmets

By popular request, here's a look at Splitface's head in solid red, and solid gunmetal gray by combining two into one.  Also a comparison to Thunder from the very first villain series.

Yes, I have seen the Summer 2012 pictures

Yes, everyone constantly dropping all-caps notes on all of my YouTube videos and blog posts.  I have seen the Summer Hero Factory set pictures.  All of them.  You can stop telling me they're out.  Thank you :)

PS:  I will not link to them.  I will not allow links to them.  They are illegal pictures, stolen from LEGO & leaked by some unscrupulous individual(s) who have no regard for intellectual property.  Redistributing these images or links to them is illegal.  LEGO regularly sends out legal reps to do rounds around the 'Net to try to track these down and get them deleted, as they should.

PPS:  I will not refer to them as "5.0."  First, they're just the second wave of series 4, not a whole new series.  Second, the "x.0" naming convention was already dropped.

PPPS:  I have also seen the video on the official Hero Factory set.  I saw Stormer XL there, and all of the other villains and heroes in the video.  You can stop telling me about that too.  I saw it.  Thanks :)

Splitface set review (Breakout)

Today I took a long drive out to an actual LEGO Store for the first time in years to pick up Splitface, from the LEGO Hero Factory Breakout series.  This is the second to last villain in the first 2012 wave and I've got a full unboxing (unbagging?), speed build and review of the set:
Incidentally, this is also my first published video featuring my brand new camera!  Out with the old, in with the new!

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

They ARE in stores!

Everybody constantly asking how/where I got the Breakout sets because they're "not in stores," they ARE in Toys R Us stores *and* the Toys R Us website *and* on Amazon.  Please stop hounding me about where I got them like I have some secret unfair connection and am getting them direct from the LEGO factory.  I am buying them at full price at stores where anyone can buy them!

Jawblade set review (Breakout)

This shark-inspired villain slithered out of the LEGO Hero Factory on his fins and... hands?  From the Breakout series, here's my Jawblade set review:

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Toxic Reapa set review (Breakout)

Another LEGO Hero Factory series 4 (Breakout) villain!  Here's a set review of Toxic Reapa:

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LEGO Hero Factory Surge series 4 set review (Breakout)

This LEGO Hero Factory series 4 (Breakout) video delves into the build and review of the other "small" (regular) sized hero in the line, Surge:

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LEGO Hero Factory Breakout MOC: Cole

First!  Heh.  First for me anyhow.  First Breakout MOC.  First LEGO Hero Factory MOC with a primarily purple theme.  Full details in the narrated video:

Yep it's the real me...

:)  Just holding onto this name for now so nobody steals it & tries to pretend to be me ;)

Friday, December 16, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory Evo series 4 set review (Breakout)

Another LEGO Hero Factory series 4 (Breakout) review, this time looking at one of the smaller-sized heroes, Evo:

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory Black Phantom set review (Breakout)

Next up in my LEGO Hero Factory series 4 (Breakout) set reviews is Black Phantom, the #1 evil overlord the heroes need to contend with this season!

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Hero Factory Breakout game will be FREE

There's been a nasty rumor going around that the new Hero Factory game to go with the Breakout series would cost money.  I don't know why so many folks got sucked into this black hole, but it's completely untrue.  The new Breakout video at the official site says clearly & plainly that the new game will be free to play, just like all other official online Hero Factory content in the past.

Please spread the word and end the misinformation.

Monday, December 12, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory Rocka series 4 set review (Breakout)

The LEGO Hero Factory series 4 (Breakout) sets are finally out in the US and my reviews have begun! First up, the front-man, Rocka:

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

New sets are coming!

Lots of panicky & desperate comments & private messages floating around about how I've fallen off the planet.  How silly!  Since my last post on this blog I've published 40 new YouTube videos with already over 1/4 million new views on just those! It just so happens none of them were LEGO-related.  I also sold off a truly epic quantity of used RC equipment (worth more than all the LEGO sets I've ever owned), helped build a new professional RC racetrack, upgraded to new, significantly faster video editing software, begun purchasing all-new camera equipment (double the previous quality) & selling off the old, and so much more!  It has been my most productive month ever, and that's no small feat.

In the midst of all this, some LEGO-related stuff has snuck through as well.  I've completed the first 3 of my new mini-sized Hero Factory hero/vehicle combinations and will start releasing those soon.  Also over this past week, Toys R Us has begun slowly & randomly teasing out the new "UltraBuild" super hero sets and the new series 4 Hero Factory sets, and I have 2 orders on the way so far.  As new stuff becomes available, I buy it.  The local TRU brick & mortar stores don't have anything new yet.  Hopefully in their next site update all of the remaining sets will show up.  I'm still waiting on Hulk & Iron Man, as well as Furno, Breez, Splitface, and Thornraxx.  New review & MOC-making season is just around the corner!