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Thursday, December 15, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory Black Phantom set review (Breakout)

Next up in my LEGO Hero Factory series 4 (Breakout) set reviews is Black Phantom, the #1 evil overlord the heroes need to contend with this season!

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  1. Did you just upload this!?
    Anyways nice review!
    When are going to start making Breakout MOCs?

  2. Great review.Where did you get it?

  3. XTN,
    I'm sure that those "jet fin" pieces on his shoulders, are 2.0 shields.
    And Chronos,
    All 2.0, 3.0 and Breakout heroes have 2.0 shields on their backs in the TV series.
    And in the trailer for the new episode,
    when the villians were escaping, i saw Evo 2.0 and Furno 2.0 escaping too.
    Here is a list of the villians that i saw escaping.
    3.Meltdown x 2
    4.Toxic Reapa
    7.Black Phantom
    9.Purple armored Black Phantom headed guy
    After Rocka defeated Black Phantom in the video, Surge looked sad. Maybe hes jelous because he wanted to be the one that would defeat Black Phantom.
    Thornraxx has been forgotten!
    "With his Airnakrix pet and razer saber hes more dangerous than ever."
    I'm sure two weapons does not make you "more dangerous than ever."

    1. purple headed guy was voltix, and surge is sad because black phantom stole the hero factory blue prints, and gave them to von nebula, so he can make a VILLIAN FACTORY!!!

  4. I watched "Rocka versus Black Phantom", and it looks like his one Arachnix drone can split into thousands of equal sized, fully functional Arachnix drones!

    P.S. Great review as always, JANG!


  5. I think the best Pro (yes, so many BZPower reviews xD) is the silver kinda spider-launcher!!!!!! It's awesome! I love it xD

  6. Anonymous, 3rd comment,

    In that video I also saw Nitoblast, Jetbug, and Fire Lord escaping.
    When I first saw Black Phantom, he was hideous. But after seeing Jang's pics and review, I've warmed up to him.

  7. No, they aren't. They would be too big, and since when have MTIS shields been that wide and that small?

    I also saw WD escaping.

  8. Chronos, Lord of TimeDecember 16, 2011 at 12:14 PM

    Will you post the Joker review here?

    I saw two of Xplode and Corroder escaping. All of the fire villains did too. I do not think that heroes were escaping the prison, they were either rogue heroes, or guards that were chasing the escapees instead of fleeing.

    I do not think that Arachnix drones can multiply, just that BP used the Assembly Tower to create an army of them.

    7:10 O_o

    9:56 I hate when that happens, my RXL's hip kept popping out for no reason, and so did my WD's knee!

    Hopefully we'll see some Breakout MOCs soon!

  9. Supposed summer sets for HF!
    (Note that this list includes the current ones as well as Super Heroes sets.)
    There is no proof thatthis is real, but I think so.
    Anyway, clicky on my name for a link.

    Sounds to me like Core Drainer is the big bad.
    Dynamo is probably the purple guy.
    Think that Stormer Legend is probably a special set like RXL, with five other regular heroes (Nex, Bulk, Stringer, Shock, Freeze).
    Seems like Freeze would be a hero, but there is a villain called Flashfreeze, so I dunno. Maybe he goes rogue?

  10. his head is not purple its gun metal grey.he also looks like corroder but mixed with black phantom.he has blue and red tubes and that purple armor is blue.

  11. Around 10:10 LOL! "The arm, (SNAP!) DURDUPKADURP"

  12. Did they say TRI WALKER? That, my friends, is probably another vehicle.
    I would imagine it being piloted by a generic Breakout hero (possibly a new color or new head mold?) and the vehicle would resemble Mazeka's Swamp Strider.

  13. i think flash freeze is an xl version of freeze and like chrornos lord of time said furno turns to the evil freeze.

  14. Chronos, Lord of TimeDecember 17, 2011 at 4:38 AM

    Uh... I never said Furno turned evil, or caused anyone to turn evil.

    You are right, Anonymous (11th comment), his head is not purple, it is silver or gunmetal. However his armor is most definitely purple, not blue.

    XTN, that sounds awesome, I hope that if these are real, that is what it will be. Possibly piloted by Lanzadora? :P

  15. Yeah, the 10:10 sound effect... it was you? It sounds like a crying Forrest Gump LOL

  16. Have you noticed that the minions (the minor villains) have always one-word names, or composed names (like Raw-Jaw), or names formed with two words (Jetbug, Drilldozer...), but the main bad guys have ALWAYS two-word names? Von Nebula, Fire Lord, Witch Doctor, Black Phantom... that's posibly why Core Drainer sounds like a main villain name

  17. Chronos, Lord of TimeDecember 18, 2011 at 8:45 AM

    Sadly, the set list has been proven fake. :(
    I really wish it was real, I wanted Core Drainer so bad. :(

  18. @Anonymous(17th comment)
    I hate to be nitpicky, but there is, as of date, one exception: Toxic Reapa. Otherwise, as of date, you are absolutely 100% correct! Congratulations! (gives silver trophy) And the crowd goes wild! Yahhhhhhhhh!
    I personally would not have thought of that. I would have just minded my own business, not realizing that the names of the villans related in such a way.

  19. Very COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. The Stormer chestplate is different from the Black Phantom one. Stormer's is wider, thicker, has vents on the sides, and has a 2-peg attachment.

  21. To anonymous on december 16, that particular villain's name is ------. I'M NOT SAYING HIS NAME. Search summer 2012 H.F. on youtube.


  23. i have him too! hes very cool. for example, ussaly when pepole get a set after a while pepole stop playing with it, but this is a set that that never happens! lots of cool moc makeing stuff too.

  24. I love your videos please do more videos and you are my favorite person on youtube you rock keep up the good work