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Saturday, December 10, 2011

New sets are coming!

Lots of panicky & desperate comments & private messages floating around about how I've fallen off the planet.  How silly!  Since my last post on this blog I've published 40 new YouTube videos with already over 1/4 million new views on just those! It just so happens none of them were LEGO-related.  I also sold off a truly epic quantity of used RC equipment (worth more than all the LEGO sets I've ever owned), helped build a new professional RC racetrack, upgraded to new, significantly faster video editing software, begun purchasing all-new camera equipment (double the previous quality) & selling off the old, and so much more!  It has been my most productive month ever, and that's no small feat.

In the midst of all this, some LEGO-related stuff has snuck through as well.  I've completed the first 3 of my new mini-sized Hero Factory hero/vehicle combinations and will start releasing those soon.  Also over this past week, Toys R Us has begun slowly & randomly teasing out the new "UltraBuild" super hero sets and the new series 4 Hero Factory sets, and I have 2 orders on the way so far.  As new stuff becomes available, I buy it.  The local TRU brick & mortar stores don't have anything new yet.  Hopefully in their next site update all of the remaining sets will show up.  I'm still waiting on Hulk & Iron Man, as well as Furno, Breez, Splitface, and Thornraxx.  New review & MOC-making season is just around the corner!


  1. The Marvel Ultrabuild sets don't come out until spring, you do know that right?

  2. jimnbob: That's weird, since anyone can buy Green Lantern, Joker, and Batman right now on TRU's site, and I already did.

  3. whoa i just checked that out and i didn't know that they had either out yet so i was supriesd i think you should try to make a huge xl version of somethin to celabrate it

  4. Chronos, Lord of TimeDecember 10, 2011 at 6:18 PM

    Well I guess that supposedly there was some thing were with the co-licensing, Lego couldn't have DC and Marvel sets in the same wave.

    Glad to see you updating this blog again! I know you have a life outside of Lego, and t hat you don't have to constantly update this in lieu of other things.

    At one point I mentioned an idea of a villain biker gang to combat your vehicle heroes- I think they could be awesome, and you of all people could pull that off really well. I'm going to give it a go myself, but I'll probably fail. :D

    Do you mean you made two orders as in ordered HF and SH sets? Cool. I would've ordered Evo and Reapa but they were taken off the site before I could gather 'sufficient monetary funds' to pay for them. Um, how much do the SH sets cost? I've heard just about everything between $11.99 and $15.99, so I've got no idea what the actual prices are.

  5. So no ninja chickens?
    - Naamee

  6. thejang: Those are the DC Universe ones, the Marvel sets (Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America) are the ones that won't come out until spring. ;)

  7. I already know about the new HF sets being at toys R us.I saw an evo 4.0 review on youtube.real,not fake.I also saw the new ninjago sets on the toys R us website aswell!

  8. Chronos, Lord of TimeDecember 11, 2011 at 4:54 AM

    Yeah, I saw Evo, BP, and Surge reviews on YouTube. (BP does have dark red bone pieces!) There are reviews of Furno and Jawblade on Eurobricks, as well as the three SH see that are out now, and soon there will be reviews of Reapa, Rocka and BP on Eurobricks as well.

    JANG, will you review the SH Ultrabuild sets?

  9. Oh God! Exactly a month, and I mean an ACTUAL MONTH since your last posting, you're back!
    Now, let's talk about the post; I've seen some pictures about the SuperHeroes, and I think they've got some cool pieces, but that's all, folks. I think Hulk looks stupid; he has got a pair of green fists, but they haven't got fingers!!!!!
    Iron Man has got some very clear gold pieces, and 3 red under-armor pieces, and with those pieces... you can make a fully red Furno 3.0!!! With some Nitroblast, Drilldozer, Scorpio and Raw-Jaw skeleton pieces, and with Fire Lord horns as a bow... that's a pretty good idea, don't you think so?



  12. Same here I saw them yesterday, I saw rocka batman Evo and surge, and PLEASE tell me you did Blanko as a mini and PLEASE tell my you did instructions!

  13. I HAVE BLACK PHANTOM!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Batman was also at the store, but I didn't want to get him. Yeah, Destiny's Bounty was at the store also.

  14. Dear Jang,
    I am the guy that posted about owning Black Phantom:
    I will tell you some new parts that I just KNOW you will enjoy:
    Black Phantom's arms have an extension piece on them that are stationary.
    His gun has a spider on it that is not white, but silver (its head is that of Thornraxx's)
    His mace and scythe are must haves for MOCing
    He has two nice translucent pieces on his back.
    His breastplate adds... well... er... bulk...
    He has nice armor.

  15. @sup3rf4t
    Yeah, but the review is pretty bad... but it is a review.

  16. @JimnBob
    I saw Batman. I didn't want it, though.

  17. Dear Jang,
    I was wondering... How about you posted a video tutorial on how to make good MOCs... in your own point of view. Show people good detail and necessity's, that stuff. Maybe it will encourage people to stop copying yours and post their own!

  18. I have all Breakout sets except for Furno, Breez, and Thornraxx. Just got my haul at my local TRU.
    My favorite heroes would have to be Rocka and Evo, but I have to agree with Vinyl Scratch on Eurobricks, Rocka is a bit "cluttered."
    My favorite villains are Splitface and Toxic Reapa. Splitface has a flip mask so that you can make a full red Splitface or full gunmetal Splitface.
    BP has Metru red armor pieces.
    Evo has gunmetal feet.
    And Thornraxx has black Furno wings!

  19. @ Chronos Yes, he will review them.

  20. jang this is gunna sound off topic, but i was just in the hero factory online gallery and some one stole a picture of tylus! just go to the vigilente (or however you spell it...) section and he is on the first page!

    check it out!

    also, i think it would be kind of you to make a contest for people on you r blogspot insted of just your you tube channel

    please reply!

  21. The 2012 sets look far more complete than the 2011 ones, with the exception of the back (which look worse due to the different chestplates). At least in my opinion. I think Evo looks the best; maybe Rocka.

    -Takua Nui of GoAnimate

  22. jang when are you gonna review them

  23. when are you going to review the herofactory series four characters

  24. @ANonymous
    (Except for the mask)
    He has no traditional purple, he only has a gun, and his pieces can appear in almost any set in the season!!!
    He is practically useless for MOCing, unless you have many other parts.

  25. @XTN:
    I have Black Phantom and he does not have METRU RED!!!
    He has METRU RED LIMBS!!!

  26. By armor, I meant limbs. Oops.
    You don't have to be so mean.

  27. Chronos, Lord of TimeDecember 12, 2011 at 7:17 PM

    Hello TN. =3
    If I'm not mistaken you are on MocPages and possibly BZP? The username sounds familiar.

    Yeah, the only dark red on BP is his limbs. Ah well, still cool, huh?

    Evo is not useless for MOCing, he has lots of gunmetal and yellow armor, which I am in need of. His helmet is badass and is the last piece needed to finish a Glatorian I'm working on, his gunmetal feet are to be used in an upcoming MOC of mine, etc. Before I use the pieces in MOCs I think that I will mod the set into one of the taller heroes.
    I do not agree with your opinion that he is not a good set- maybe for you, but he is great for me.

  28. Yes, BP is still cool.
    And Evo is epically (is that a word?) badass.

    Toxic Reapa and Splitface are also pretty beast. Especially Toxic Reapa's "Mistika" face. By Mistika, I'm referring to the canister lids. You know, one side corroded and one side perfect?

    I'm also wondering if Furno, Breez, and Thornraxx are coming in time for Xmas.

  29. @XTN
    It would be pretty cool if Toxic Reapa, not only LOOKED corroded, but was related to Corroder, and had a similar personality, except more defiant and courageous. (and something completely random: Today's my birthday!!!)
    Okay, I have seen the reviews on youtube, and Evo is not THAT bad. There are a few key parts. From the BZP review, I learned that he may not have new molds, but VITAL colors. His helmet is nice, too. For some random reason, it reminds me of Tanma. I think elements are becoming apparent in Breakout (Series 4) because of the Chest Plate printing. Evo is stone (Least favorite element). I don't know why, but everything about Evo's BIO and 2.0 set has made me subconsciously psychologically opposed to his new form...

  30. Chronos, Lord of TimeDecember 14, 2011 at 3:28 AM

    I think Reapa's face is entirely smooth and non-corroded. Huh.
    I think that one change I will make to Reapa is to armor him better. :/

    Evo is so cool, my only changes to him would be adding the ammo belt from Rocka and making him as tall as the other heroes.

    Evo's element isn't stone, the only ones with elements are Furno (fire), Stormer (ice), Surge (electricity), and Stringer (sonics). Nex is technologically-skilled, Breez can talk to animals, Rocka seems to do absolutely nothing, Bulk is a tank, and Evo is heavy artillery. Not really elements for those few. I think Evo's chest printing is supposed to be a circuit board.

    Does anyone know of an easy way to remove the printing on pieces without painting over it? I really want to take the printing off of the new torso shells; also I want to remove the printing from the 3.0 and (maybe 2.0) name badges.

  31. @Chronos
    MocPages, not BZP. I couldn't get a BZP account started.

    -Takua Nui

  32. I've heard that for removing the printing on the 3.0 is to rub it with your finger until it's gone or I would guess rubbing alcohol with a wash cloth.

  33. This makes me somewhat sad because I really wanted the 3.0 heroes really bad but they aren't selling them anywhere any more.

    P.s. I'm a big fan of your work LegoJang.

  34. So will they be selling the 4.0 series in walmart before christmas or not?

  35. @Ty- Sorry, most likely not. TRU gets them first, then Target and everywhere else, THEN Wal-Mart. Expect the Breakout sets to appear at Walmart next month or in early February.

  36. and again the antlers with black phantom. the quaza spikes should have been a complete black, though.