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Friday, November 11, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory MOC: The Remainder

Zeyek's latest revelation was that The Remainder had been awakened on the planet Quatros.  What exactly is The Remainder?  Is it a villain?  Will the LEGO Hero Factory need to fight it?  I have answers!
The Hero Factory's sudden return of most of the stolen Quaza crystals directly to the core of Quatros released a jolt of life-giving energy that enveloped the planet.  It was such a strong wave that full vitality was restored to not only things that had been dying, but even some that had been fully dead. 

The Remainder is a sentient, yet zombie-like creature formed from the corroded, decayed components of all previous bio-robotic life forms on the planet. Its form and behavior are influenced by all of the creatures that contributed to its physical mass. Partially restored consciences cluster together and mingle, and where the cluster is most dense, the enormous creature takes shape, emerging from the ground in a sequence that most closely resembles melting, but in reverse.

The Remainder has shown no aggressive tendencies.  In fact, because it has no single "brain," but instead what might be called partial "spirits" of tens of thousands of creatures, it appears to have no discernable motivation of any kind.  It isn't good or bad, it just is. It walks, it roams, it dissolves, it reintegrates.

I hope I'm not reading too much into Zeyek's own words, but it sounds as if The Remainder is now a permanent part of the Quatros landscape.  For as long as the planet exists, so shall the Remainder.


  1. wow, how many pieces does the remainder consist of? It looks like it could keep on growing

  2. Wow. Excellent work Jang. Great storyline and MOC.

  3. Yess! First comment is mine. ^ -Chan608

  4. Chronos, Lord of TimeNovember 11, 2011 at 7:06 PM

    Love the detail on the head.
    Love the enormosity (yay for made-up words).
    I'd like to see a size comparison to a hero.

  5. This is hands-down my favorite MOC of yours to date. (Second being Zeyek's ship) Great work!

  6. Wow thank for tiling us jang!!!

  7. Oops.typo I meant telling!

  8. Now that I can see his whole head, I'm sure I'm really REALLY afraid of it xD
    Oh, one thing... what are these Mantax little tentacles on its mouth? Are they tongues or something like that?
    Over all, I think is one of your best MOCs ever. Not kidding. I love it! Please don't ever stop making MOCs and stories! The "EPIC" adjective is not enough to say what are you.

  9. can it fly,swim,or dig

  10. It looks like "The Imprisoned" from Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, LOL, but still cool.

  11. Chronos, Lord of TimeNovember 14, 2011 at 12:39 PM

    @Orion- Huh, so it does. Didn't notice that. Now JANG needs a hero with a sword, a shield, a grappling hook, and a bow, as well as a green hat.

    So I guess the 2012 sets have combiners- the only one of them that I have seen so far is the Splitface/Surge combiner, which is weird as hell. I mean, it's pretty much a centauric Splitface with lime green legs. None of the blue from Surge is used at all.


  13. Chronos, Lord of TimeNovember 14, 2011 at 4:28 PM

    And more pics, this time the first real-life pics of Toxic Reapa and Jawblade. Reapa looks alright and Jawblade looks positively awful, but the lighting and posing are terrible, so it's hard to judge. For some reason the person who took the pics stuck a random hero core on Reapa. It is not part of the actual set though (luckily; it would ruin the design) so I assume that the person also has at least one new hero.

  14. Where did you find the real life pics of Jawblade and Reapa? Just write the link.

  15. Click the name in the top left corner of his comment.
    Then scroll down to the bottom.

    I that doesn't work, go to 'Hero Factory 2012 - Eurobricks Forums - Page 49'
    Again, the only ones are Reapa and Jawblade.
    Nobody's sure if either set is built correctly, 'cause they both look really odd.

  16. For all hose people saying that Evo and Rocka 4.0 masks are their 1.0 masks, they are not. And i have proof:
    In Ordeal of Fire Mr. Makero said "Evo and Nex are the first to be BUILT with the upgrade".
    In Savage Planet Stringer said "Rocka was born with the upgrade".
    Oh and Jang some people here are discussing about some of your MOCs.

    Only in the comment section below.

  17. I think the 2012 heroes fight these villians:
    Furno: Jawblade
    Surge: Splitface
    Rocka: Black Phantom
    Breez: Thornraxx
    Evo: Toxic Reapa
    I looked at their backgrounds and some of them were the same.

  18. It's on Mesonak's gallery on

  19. Chronos, Lord of TimeNovember 16, 2011 at 11:53 AM

    You are right. Evo, Nex, and Rocka never had 1.0 forms. However, if they did, those would be their helmets.

    You did get the hero-villain matchups right.

  20. Yeah they are cool. Reapa did have a hero core on him. And his leg armor are on the side of his legs. I did not know Jawblade had Furno 3.0's wings for his back fins or whatever they are.
    I'm not really so sure if I want to get Toxic Reapa now.

  21. There is some Breakout sets on a Mexican shop site.

    If you want the link to the Jawblade and Reapa pictures on Eurobricks.

  22. Want to play a game.

    You have to count how many posts Jang has made from now on these blogs:

    Zeyek's Bionicle Untold
    Bionicle Untold: Behind the scenes
    LEGO Hero Factory + MOCs

    Count all posts before this one and including this one on all the previous blogs I mentioned before.
    I will not post a number on here otherwise I will win which will be unfair to you lot.

    Type your number at the end of every comment you post on THIS page.
    On your marks, get set, GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    The winner gets ummmmmmmmm... nothing... It is just for fun!

  23. Chronos, Lord of TimeNovember 17, 2011 at 3:15 AM

    I for one am not participating.
    It really isn't fair anyway. Sometimes I browse JANG's older blogs and comment on MOCs or stories- the number of comments is always changing.

    Oh yeah, that Mexican site is apparently where the Reapa and Jawblade sets from this pics, were bought.

  24. Can anybody explain to me why the hell are the Jawblade blades, original in transulcent orange, are now in solid red, and essentially, WHY THE F**K HAS TOXIC REAPA A HERO FACTORY HERO CORE attached to his chest?!

  25. It's almost Lorne's 1st B'Day! 11/30/10 was when you posted Lorne. You better do something for his birthday!

  26. OOOOOOHHHH PICK MEH PICK MEH!!!!!make a mine-whitch doctor size of this!that would b beast

  27. "I want to play a game"?! The freaking Jigsaw is in LEGO Hero Factory + MOCs!!!
    LOL xD

  28. The Toxic Reapa set is built wrong.

    If you look at the complete pcture (the fake, computer animated, one) it has a completey new piece on his chest covering all of the body skeleton.

    in the real one it is just a smalL #3 peice showing some (IF NOT MOST) of the skeleton.

    so, don't hate Toxic Reapa, not just yet, anyway.

  29. Chronos, Lord of TimeNovember 19, 2011 at 3:17 AM

    The core on Reapa's chest was a mistake.
    Jawblade's weapons are red just because they wanted the Furno blades as his weapons, and their original color did not fit with his color scheme.

    Happy Birthday Lorne! ... Well, JANG probably actually built Lorne a while before posting him.

    LEGOJANG2- You still haven't changed your screen name I see.
    What do you mean 196? Comments? If you did mean comments... Well!
    Did you randomly guess? Or, did you have some method of counting them without taking a long time?

    If you were not talking about the comments then I do not know what you were talking about.
    Oh, and I found the picture on Eurobricks.

  30. I meant all posts before this one!

  31. @sup3rf4t: We get it. It's LegoJang2 backwards so that Legojang won't get mad at you. Ha. Ha. Ha. >:(

  32. king.yo Chronos lord of time, cheak out legojang2's blog right now! I just notest some thing you sould now

  33. king. legojang, legojang2 has stole your moc photos & put them on his blog!!!!!

  34. Chronos, Lord of TimeNovember 22, 2011 at 6:39 PM

    Woah, that 'camp' website is awful- no content, only stolen images.
    King- Yes, I saw that. I'm not entirely sure, but I think he might be okay now, even if he infringes a little bit. He now says he is posting one of JANG's videos every day til Christmas, although he does give credit. And is sup3rf4t a second account of 2GNAJOGEL? It seems like it to me.

  35. Chronos, Turkey of TimeNovember 24, 2011 at 4:04 AM

    Happy Thanksgiving guys (if you celebrate it)!

    Somebody, please, make a turkey 3.0 hero. That would be so awesome.

  36. OK the images on mercado libre obviously are pictures of modified sets.

  37. Where are you LegoJang.

  38. JANG you've been out for more than two weeks, where are you?

  39. Chronos, Turkey of Time?

  40. Very good question (Anonymous comment 43)... JANG, I think you forgot (I said, I'm Spanish and I don't know how the hell should I say various things) about Surge 3.0 MOC. Will you make a "good" version?

  41. XTN, lay off of Gnaj- Or whatever the name is. The only problem was impersonation of LEGOJANG, which is now definitely fixed.

    Also, Turkey of Time, is that really you, Chronos?


    I LIKE CEREAL... and Chester likes weenies.

  42. Chronos, Lord of TimeNovember 28, 2011 at 3:32 AM

    Yeah, Turkey of time was a joke, because it was Thanksgiving when I wrote that.
    Guys, JANG is probably away for Thanksgiving, or maybe he is sick, or he could be really really busy at his job right now and has no time to update. Maybe a combination of these. (Or maybe he is just putting off posting something until he completes all of the vehicle-scale heroes! I hope so.)

  43. Anonymous (47 comment) I'm sure that you like cereal, but...

  44. where are ya jang? where are ya! are you in the the place where the cars live?

  45. @Comment about I LIKE TRAINS...
    *A train runs over you*

  46. Jang, at least make a comment on here telling where you are! It's December and you have not posted anything since!

  47. @Anonymous (comment 52)
    The train only can run over me if the I Like Trains Kid says "I like trains". I haven't got this incredible power to summon the trains :D
    Yeah, JANG, you've been out of the blog almost for a month... we know that you're alive because you are posting our comments, at least... but we wish you are working in something very interesting at your home, your room, your bathroom, or even your secret laboratory, but please, give us your Lego magic, and do it very, and I mean VERY soon!
    Thanks ;)

  48. Jang we miss your mocs.

  49. when r u gonna post something new?!!!!

  50. Maybe Jang got kidnapped by ninja chickens who carry butterfly-nets who want a ransom of 36 pounds of caviar.
    How does Jang even keep check on comments?
    The face can fee you, Jang.


  52. king. ha jang where are you????????????????????????????

    plese post soon?:(

  53. I think Jang was kidnapped by Zeyek.
    I am the same person who said this before.
    When in doubt, blame it on Zeyek.

  54. Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssseeeeeee post something new Jang. My friend checs your blog every day and now he is kinda bored........
    Please awnser as fast as you can.

  55. Yeah, JANG, I check this blog every morning, every afternoon, and sometimes every night!!!!!

  56. LegoJang somebody has stole a picture of your Specter 2.0 weapon.

  57. He is probably waiting for the Breakout Sets to come out so he can make new reviews. After all, the only set review I trust are that of Jang. Or the LEGO designers.

    Occasionally, you can go on Google Shopping Search, and type in:
    "Hero Factory" "Breakout"
    Occasionally, sets are there, and some are up for purchase. As of this post, TOxic Reapa is one of the available.

  59. Chronos, Lord of TimeDecember 10, 2011 at 3:42 PM

    Hey JANG, got any of the new sets? You gotta step up your game, man! LOL
    Already Ackarproductions5 on YouTube has an Evo review, and Luxor~V on Eurobricks has posted pictorial reviews of Furno and Jawblade (as well as Green Lantern and Joker, which are great sets), while reviews of Rocka and Reapa are upcoming from various Eurobricks members. JANG, if you don't have the sets yet, I encourage you to visit TRU's website. If you have ordered the sets, then reviews are just over the horizon, I hope!
    And please pick up the SH Ultrabuild guys, they have great MOCing parts.

    Oh, and some of the Hero/villain combi-models are really cool. Toxevo (Evo and Reapa's combiner) is some lime-armored manticoric beast, and Furnojaw (Furno and Jawblade's) is like an epic colossal scorpion-shark hybrid. Of course there is also Splitsurge (Surge and Splitface) which is okay, but sort of strange.
    Please note that these names are just my nicknames for the combiners, not the official names. The exception is Splitsurge, which he was nicknamed by Eurobricks users, although it is a nickname that I now refer to him by.

  60. sweet you should enter a lego contest

  61. i'm the same guy who put the contest comment I really think you should make a waspix jawblade hybrid.

  62. Wow nice job jang. 196 pieces only! That looks like at least 300!

  63. This is soooo ceepy.
    reminds me of an elephant.
    does it eat? if so, what?

  64. dawww it need a hug >w<

  65. that is freakin awesome buti still like your drone moc better