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Friday, November 11, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory & Bionicle prices at TRU raised?

I visited Toys R Us today to pick up a couple small sets for some spares, and also some new toy-grade RCs to review.  I didn't realize they were having a BOGO 50% off sale, but I did realize that prices on canister sets were up.  Hero Factory Heroes (2.0 & 3.0 alike) and Bionicle Stars sets (still lingering, nobody wants 'em) were at $9.99 US instead of the previous $7.99.  Thank goodness for the sale, but wow, I never expected prices to go up on old stock.  Has anyone else seen this locally?


  1. i have Jang. Its weird. i was at toysrus the other day and they are charging 10 bucks for a bionicle stars and 14 for an old hero factory villian like xplode

  2. Chronos, Lord of TimeNovember 11, 2011 at 6:58 PM

    Huh... I really haven't. Maybe I just don't go to TRU much, but whatever.

    Which sets did you buy? Some 3.0 heroes? I considered doubling up on Stringer or Bulk- specifically for the armor.

    Almost forgot, speaking of TRU, the 2012 Lego Dino sets appeared for sale on the TRU website, so it's only a mater of time before HF Breakout sets show up... We could very well get 'em in time for Christmas!

  3. i haven't seen this yet jang, but if it is happening the i'll have to go to some other store!

  4. Not yet, but there was this one store that sold the Stars and first Hero sets for about double price. Sad.

  5. In Austalia at

    2.0 heroes at $9.59 AU.

    3.0 heroes at $15.99 AU

    3.0 villians at (excluding Scorpio, Witch Doctor):$19.99 AU

    Scorpio at $29.99 AU

    Rocka XL at $39.99 AU

    Witch Doctor at $49.99 AU

  6. Yeah, I could get games for Christmas Breakout!
    Okay that does not come out right!
    Sorry, my English is not very good. I am French.
    I used Google Translate to translate it.

  7. TRU always raises the price on LEGO toys if not all toys. it is just their thing.

  8. I get it, the H F are okay, but with the Bionicle, they are chargingn more for stuff noone wants!

  9. i have seen it. 10.99 for a bionicle star set. 9.99 for hf 1.0,8.99 for hf 2.0 and 7.99 for 3.0

  10. yeah it's kind of stupid i wonder how long they'll continue the stars sets?

  11. Stars = $10.99 USD

    1.0 online = $8.99 USD for the ones still existing

    2.0 = $7.99 (2), $9.99 (4)

    3.0 = 9.99 in store, $7.99 online (?)

    4.0 = said to be $9.99 for heroes and villains, with the exception of Rocka, who is said to be $14.99.

    Scorpio/Rocka XL = They were at $24.99 USD, until just a few days ago they went up to $29.99.

    Witch Doctor = started at $29.99, then went to $34.99, and now at $38.99

    It's a good thing I was able to get Witch Doctor and Rocka XL when the price was lower, but Scorpio? Really? Is he even worth $30?

  12. you think thats redickules where i live villans are 17.99 and heroes are 13.99

  13. I pay $10.99 for a hero and $14.99 for a villain here at WALMART, don't know how much in toys r us but it must be around $13 a hero and your here in Puerto Rico and your saing there even more expensive!

  14. Sure have seen it. Kinda odd.

  15. Blanko 1.9!!! Here to save the day!!!