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Monday, December 12, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory Rocka series 4 set review (Breakout)

The LEGO Hero Factory series 4 (Breakout) sets are finally out in the US and my reviews have begun! First up, the front-man, Rocka:

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  1. hey what does black phantom look like

  2. Wow! Nice review and an awesome set! The packaging is certainly different.... But the sets are pretty cool! What are your thoughts on this set so far, package and all?

  3. king. finally I'v waited so long! great to see you again:). were you on thankgiveing break;).

  4. Finally out in the US?! You guys get them first almost all of the time! I have to wait until Boxing Day here in the UK. Think also of the countries who have to wait until around March!

  5. I wanna cry he looks like kopaka

  6. you wrote 3.0 on your blog

  7. Awesome. Rocka is my favorite hero of the fourth series, and his head and mask are going to make a nice addition to my Bionicle collection. What I don't like about series four is that the hero core stands out and isn't as integrated as the previous ones. But Rocka is still cool.

  8. Chronos, Lord of TimeDecember 13, 2011 at 12:26 PM

    Great review (as usual). The set itself is pretty good. I think it is one of he better heroes his wave. One thing about it though... I really think the back armor foot and the hand should've been gunmetal or black, not silver.

  9. OMG!!!!!!!!! When r the others coming out?

  10. when are you gonna make combiners i saw in your video that black phantom and rocka make spider like creature

  11. @First comment:
    I have Black Phantom. I do not want to describe him too much, but some guy (First guy to sound remotely like LEGOJANG) has a review. Its like: HFReview or something. Just search Black Phantom review. I just noticed why LEGOJANG's reviews are fun to watch: He gets to the point, but doesn't sound like a geeky 4 year old about it. He gets all the details while sounding mature and cool.

    Once again, I envy your review skills. :)

  12. Chronos, Lord of TimeDecember 14, 2011 at 2:53 AM

    Do you mean HFReviewCentral? I have watched all of his HF 2012 reviews, they are all very good but not as good as JANG's.
    Seriously just search 'hero factory black phantom and you are more than likely to find s picture or a review.
    @jakesta525- most of the others are out, they just have not been received or reviewed by JANG yet.

  13. do they have them at the lego store not on the internet i need to know asap!

  14. you fixed it, you put series 4 on your

  15. Rocka does indeed look like a good set.

    -Takua Nui

  16. plz review another set like furno evo or surge or breez.

  17. plz do a new review like toxic reapa.

  18. Thanx Chronos, but I meant the other reviews not sets

  19. hey jang i made a breakout version of vapor and he looks super cool but if i only had the new peices he would look better

  20. Chronos, Lord of TimeDecember 15, 2011 at 3:17 AM

    @Jakesta525- well then, I already answered that in one of my other comments.

    JANG can't review Furno, Breez, or Thornraxx. They are not out yet.
    Remember, not all the sets have (probably) gotten to JANG yet, either.

    The sets currently are only available through the TRU website, according to the website, which says 'not available for in-store pickup'. However, many people have gotten the sets by actually going to TRU, so I don't know what's up.

    I am really hoping I'll get Evo, Reapa, and/or Rocka for Christmas...

  21. where are they sold?

  22. Okay guys, new info has been found. Click my name for a link to the HF website, where a new video for Breakout had been released! Here is what has been found out:
    -The Breakout line continues into summer.
    -Stormer will be in the Breakout summer line. I assume the others will be as well.
    -There will be a purple villain in the summer line.
    -BP has a French accent.
    -All the villains in the HF Prison escape, not just the series 4 ones.
    -The main character heroes are not the only ones to upgrade to '4.0'- heroes with Breez and Bulk's helmets were seen in the background. (I know they are not Bulk and Breez because one was brown and tan, and the other was teal and grey.)
    -It appears that BP used the Assembly Tower to make an army of Arachnix drones.
    -It would appear that some heroes are escaping from the prison; I'd say that they are either rogue heroes, or guards who attempt to chase after the escapees (not escape themselves).
    -The Breakout game will be free.

    One odd thing is that the video reveals the end of the episode, with how Rocka defeats BP.
    And may I also say that I find it extremely stupid of the Factory to imprison villains who still have their weapons.

  23. hey stormer series 4 is at he looks awesome and kinda like hulk.

  24. Correction: BP has a German accent. I really don't know, it could be French, but it sounded like German when I heard it.

    More description on this purple villain: He kinda resembles Thunder, but with purple and red. If this character gets released, there will be many new pieces, such as purple Mahri tubes, purple body armor, and purple shoulder guards. He also has two "Hordika brains" for horns/antlers and a huge backpack. Also, BP's helmet will be repainted in silver. Any ideas on what this guy could be? My speculation is that his "element" involves electricity, for some odd reason.

    The "4.0" Stormer is quite bulky. He uses BP's breastplate in white, with blue icicle print surrounding the Hero Core. He also has new jet/fin pieces on his shoulders and white body armor for lower legs/feet.

    More news on the "Breakout" movie: Since the summer sets are being used in this movie, this will probably be released in the fall. And since the two stories are combining, the movie's duration will be 1hr.

    I wonder if Vapour could possibly make an appearance, since this movie has all of the villains in it.

  25. Chronos, Lord of TimeDecember 15, 2011 at 6:28 PM

    I agree with everything just said by XTN.

    Why isn't Breez in the video? >:|

    I think my theory about BP's plans were confirmed... It would seem he used the Assembly Tower to manufacture a large army of Arachnix drones, which appear to be a brownish-red instead of silver. (?)

    Now, about the Alpha-1 Team leader.
    I think Stormer can be built with existing pieces, if you change a few things. First off I think you could use existing pieces for everything except:
    -shoulder pads
    -maybe lower leg armor?
    -white 4-length armor plates would be needed also.
    The chestplate looks like the one on Hulk and BP, but it has a Hero Core, hmm? The current piece can't fit one on it, so it is one of two things- a new element that has a two-hole connection point, or a printed-on Hero Core. :/
    I wonder why Stormer has no weapons?

    Something odd from the video, at one point during the fight inside the Assembly Tower, post-upgrade, I swear Evo has his 2.0 shield on his back.
    I was hoping for Stormer to have light trans-blue armor, but oh well.

    1. Hulk's chestplate is different from BP's. It is larger and has a 2-peg attachment.

      Also, SXL has a sword.

  26. Hey Jang can you hook us up with pictures of the combis?

  27. can you give a link to the game?

  28. wantwantwantwantwantwantwantwantwantwantwantwantwantwantwantwant~Waffle Farts

    1. when i saw rockas leaked photo i hated rocka but hes actually the coolest set ever

  29. Why the hell Stormer has got white hands, Furno has red hands, Bulk has silver hands, Stringer has black hands, BUT ROCKA HAVEN'T GOT HANDS IN HIS ACTUAL FREAKING COLOUR?!