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Monday, December 24, 2012

ALL Hero Factory Brain Attack Set Reviews complete!

I went all-out for the past 24 hours and completed all of the "Spring 2013" LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack set build & review videos, with more Brain Attack vids still to come!

Brain Attack Heroes:

Brain Attack Villains:
Please don't ask if I'm going to do other videos that I always do. If I always do them, I'm still going to do them (and in fact, they're already done, just rendering) :)

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  1. Jang, did you ever do a custom version to improve on Bruiser? After seeing this video I was inspired to do so. I agree that the short arm being meh, it really made the set a bummer. It is Lego and you can fix it however you like. I got rid of 2 pieces and added 10 (6 are red tooth pieces) to get this It looks a lot better in my opinion.