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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lego Hero Factory Savage Planet FINAL OFFICIAL hero photos!

LEGO has released the first official Hero Factory Savage Planet set images to vendors and they've been spotted at German online toy shop Mikado.  As of this writing only the standard heroes have photos but the rest are sure to follow.  Check 'em out!

Rocka 3.0:

NEX 3.0:

Hit the link for more Hero Factory Savage Planet heroes...

Stormer 3.0:

Bulk 3.0:

Stringer 3.0:

Furno 3.0:



  2. Whoa! Thats cool!

  3. It looks like Stringer 3.0 has Keetorange Parts. If so, than i will most definetly get him.

  4. stringer's helm reminds me of predators

  5. It looks like now some gray bone pieces have been added.

  6. WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!Can you believe there using those minifigure bionicle arms?

  7. Is there a possibility that these might come out in May or June to Walmart? I'm just going to get Rocka. He seems like a deity being the tallest.

    Also, who is suppose the be the character would would be in the Water, Air or Stone place describing each color?

  8. Bulk's pose is feminine. Nex and Rocka are brothers in arms. Furno and Sttringer are really cool. Stormer is OK.

  9. AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nex and Stringer are so AWSOME!IT'S A MUST HAVE SET!!!!

  10. Honestly, I would have liked Stormer and Nex, but Stormer is just ugly, but Nex is fine! The thing is, Furno fits my style. A dual blad and wings is pretty cool...

  11. I realized why I do not like Rocka and Stormer! Their heads are so big, it looks as if they are on steroids!!! WHy I do not not like Bulk, I do not know... I desperately want all the others!!!

  12. I realized why I do not like Rocka and Stormer! Their heads are so big, it looks as if they are on steroids!!! WHy I do not not like Bulk, I do not know... I desperately want all the others!!!

  13. when are they comimg out in the uk and U.S.A???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  14. turn bulk green and I would've thought that was breeze

  15. screw you Anonymous bulk is so cool

  16. witch doctor is the best¡¡¡¡¡

  17. nr 6 stormer: is ok
    nr 5 rocka: ok but TO big head
    nr4 stringer: friggin awesome!!!
    nr 3 nex: first nex werent my favorite and this aint eather but it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    nr 2 bulk: my seckond favorite!!!!!!!! but the pose had been better to breez
    nr 1 furno: my nr 1 favorite. he is EPIC!!!!!!

    here was MY opinion and top 10

    but i'm gonna by all i think

  18. wat animal would bulk be?????
    stringer=black bear
    nex=sabertooth cat
    SOMEONE PLEASE TELL MEEEEE!!!!!!! because i think he is a wolf

  19. @Anonymous: Bulk is a wolf.

    Also, I am SO getting Rocka first, even if his head's too big, I like the gold armor and the white core.

  20. Bad news- Witch Doctor's head isn't connected to a Glatorian head or hero 2.0 head. It is its own freakin piece! Come ON LEGO!

  21. i cant wait i want rocka xl bulk and furno,stringer or nex idk yet and then im getting the rest for my bday :D

  22. Did anyone notice that Rocka 2.0 does not have a gold hand he has a black hand. Also, I bet Rocka turns evil by Witch Doctor, and that is why there is a set called Rocka XL. The story says that Witch Doctor is corrupting the wildlife with his black magic. I'll bet Rocka is evil (or is turned). Another thing, why would they continue to sell the Fire Villains? They are registered as 3.0 sets. Probably they torch hero factory (FREE VON NEBULA!!!!) escape and join WD and his minions. Agree anyone?

  23. The Coolest looking heroes:

    4: Rocka (Sorry guys, LEGO could've made the helmet smaller)
    3: Stormer 3.0 (at least we get smaller white armour!)
    2: Nex 3.0 (What's he, a squid? that is just ugly)
    1: Bulk 3.0 Stringer 3.0 Furno 3.0 (These are the ones I'm buying, GO BULK AND STRINGER!!! They shouldve been in 2.0 :(

  24. Rocka's Helmet looks like a lizard.

  25. I Want witch doctor so friggin bad aaaaaaaaa he will be miiiiiiiiiiiiine!!!!!!!!

  26. Hey Everyone, meet DANIEL ROCKA!!!
    Seriously, DANIEL?!?
    I get it with the Daniel and the Lion's Den, but DANIEL?!?
    He could had had a more epic name for such an awesome hero.

    To Anonymous: Actually, I thought the same thing about Rocka 3.0 turning evil. We were both wrong, however. BZPower says this about Rocka:
    "While the heroes run low on energy fending off his beasts, builders assemble this hero to stop Witch Doctor from draining the jungle planet Quatros of its Quaza."

    And finally, my fave heroes this summer!
    #6: Stormer- he doesn't look as cool as 1.0 or 2.0
    #5- Nex- don't really care for him.
    #4- Furno- the raptor disguise looks nice, but he is lacking leg armor.
    #3: Bulk- a bit "not bulky", but at least he's back!
    #2: Stringer- looks just like a bestial version of 1.0! Nice Job Lego!
    And #1... ROCKA FTW! The gold and white go together nicely, and I love the lion headdress.

  27. i think they got new heads no 2.0 no glatorian head new head and the anonymous on top of Xtreme is stupid Rockas looks like a lion or egyptian idol one of the anonymouse's is right turn bulk green think he's breeze goodbye!!!!

  28. Reply to my comment:
    If Bulk isn't a wolf, he's a wolverine.

  29. @Anonymous: They actually do have the 2.0 base head.

  30. 6. Nex . I have no idea what so ever why, I just don`t like him.
    5. Rocka . Like most people, the helmet is a little oversized, okay a lot. But the gold`s cool and the white hero core and head are good for mocking.
    4. Stormer . Epic in every way, but beat by the others.
    3. Stringer . Awesome, but once again, beat by the rest.
    2. Bulk . Weapons are sweat, colors are great, and great mocking pieces.
    1. FURNO . Color scheme is great, eagles are awesome, archery is realy cool(his weapon looks like a bow), and his underdog story is real inspiring.


  32. These are all close combat orienteated. WHY? in a paractical sense they would get shot up advancing on the enemy the weapons are cool but tactically pointless.

    (ps this is my view)

  33. Im excited for them, but im dissapointed aswell...
    The armour pieces are just the same
    Only things new are the helmets and weapons.

  34. i think stringer is supposed to be a snakeish thing cause if you look at his green armor plate thing-a-ma-gig it kinda looks like a snake.

  35. 6-stormer they failed with the 1 and 3.0 but 2.0 is awesome

    5-stringer a little bit to large looking but i guest he's always looked like that

    4-nex he's cool i thin he's great (i think they used a new orange

    3-furno he lacks leg armor but cool weapon

    1-? its a tie with bulk and rocka!!!

  36. How come Stringer has always been bulkier looking than Bulk?

  37. 6: Nex, he is good but not that good
    5: Stringer, I like the helmet
    4: Furno his wings are cool
    3: Stormer his weapon is cool
    2: Bulk i love his helmet
    1: Rocka I love this guy, fuck you whoever doesnt like him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YOUR AWESOME JANG!!!!!!!!!

  38. Awesome heroes and guys the villians aren't even up there dumbos.You got it from youtube ok.My fav hero is rocka and bulk but he looks like breeze though.THANK YOU JANG!!

  39. Gimmee Gimmee Gimmee!!!!!! They should release them erlier. Wait in July or Agust

  40. Hey Anonymous my Mommy doesn't like those words. :(

  41. UPDATE: Witch Doctor's "skull mask-helmet-whatever" is connected to a white armor plate. This could mean compatibility with Hero heads!

  42. No girls! No one to hook up on!sad.

  43. YOU'RE AWESOME JANG.I'm so going to get rocka and bulk.I'm the person you keeps on saying that.I want rocka because he's gold and bulk because I just like him XD:By the way stormers just ugly and it looks like stringer has a mustacheXD:

  44. I am geting them all, BUT Furno.
    (To many missing armor spots)

  45. Hero factory builderMay 31, 2011 at 5:18 PM

    I think Breez should have bin in 3.0 because she is green.

  46. I have heard that the release date for these guys is between June 31 and July 5.

  47. I'm gonna get Rocka Strimer and Bulk first because they have my fav armor GOLD SILVER AND BLACK! Then i'm getting Furno(HE'S AN AWESOME FRICKIN HAWK!!!)Then i'm gonna get some of the villans including with doctor(He looks better than Firelord)Then I will get stringer and Stormer then the rest of the villans(P.S. Bulk looks like a GIRL!)(P.S.S. Rocka XL is actually is not turned to evil by with doctor he just got a boost to battle Witch Docker)

  48. Flip what the zip!!!!! :P

  49. There selling these in germany :P

  50. i want them all NOW

  51. I dont like the design of some of the pieces

  52. i think they kinda faild with furno cuz theres no leg armor and as for bulk and rock first two i'm getting cuz of silver & gold armor pieces plus orange and white cores cool i want em' all

  53. I wonder what the combinations will be... if they have any. I hope they do!!!!!!!!

  54. Stormer=white rhino
    Furno=red hawk
    Stringer=black bear
    Nex=orange sabertooth cat
    Rocka=gold lion
    Bulk=gray wolf


  56. I luv animal like villians so i guess i hit the JACKPOT!!! And witch doctor ROCKS! He looks more sturdy than firelord. firelord had these bulky legs with tiny connection to the body wtf!? XTN said that it is its own piece but actually its connected to an armour cladding whatever piece which is really dissapointing.


  58. I'm glad Bulk and Stringer are back, and Rocka's pretty cool, but I miss Evo, Surge, and especially Breeze. There need to be more female heroes, and some female villains! But it's good that Rocka (I think Daniel's a nice name) showed up, cause now there are enough heroes for three trios! Stormer, Stringer and Bulk are Alpha team, Furno, Breeze and Surge are Beta team, and Evo, Nex, and Rocka are Gamma team. I love William Furno, he's just an awesome character. But shouldn't their be more villains? It just seems weird when the heroes outnumber the villains almost two-to-one. Not very heroic.

  59. I really don't understand why these had to come out in Europe before the US. It makes us Americans jealous of those Germans who went out and bought them all when they haven't even been released here yet!

    Does anyone have an exact US release date?

    I like all the new pieces the sets have, but I'm disappointed that Lego didn't make the heroes taller, and I really think there should be at least one female hero in every series.

    If things keep going at this rate, (3.0, 4.0, 5.0, etc.) it's going to get a little annoying.

  60. i think its good that germany and other european countries get them first because usually they come out first in the US and this is a comfortable change (its fun watching american hero factory fans suffer!).

  61. #6Rocka his head is just HUGE
    #5Stormer I hate him. all of his sets are retarded lookin
    #4Nex I arleady have him, I dont need another one
    #3Furno I like his leg armor idea, but hes not mai favorite
    #2Stringer he would be my favorite if he didnt have arms of different leghths
    #1 bulk his design is pure awesomeness, his weapons are a good idea, over all he's just awesome

  62. I actually like hero factory 2.0 more because the heads are more customizable which gives your hero alot more character.

  63. I realized somethin: NEX HAS TWO HANDS!!!!!!!!(im listening to julian smith while I type dis)

  64. 6:furno his helmet disappointed me.
    5:nex i like him but he is beaten by the others
    4:tie-rocka and stormer i don't know wihich ones better
    2:stringer he looks awesome
    1:BULK he looks sick-ass im getting him if i could

  65. Did you know in the episode savage planet(nickelodeon) bill fagerbakke the voice actor for patrick star (spongebob squarepants) will be voice acting for rocka 3.0

    Puertorriqueno123a.k.a. anonymous

  66. helo its me again (puertorriqueno123) I forgot to tell you a woman(kari wahlgren is going to voice acting for raw jaw,jim cumins witch doctor, roger craig smith fangz, michael-leon wooley as waspix

    puertorriqueno123 a.k.a. anonymous

  67. 6:Furno He's so crap!
    5:Bulk Not bad but I dont like it.
    4:Nex He's an awarge set i guess
    3:Rocka He is a cool set but his head is too big
    2:Stringer The second best .He's really cool
    1:STORMER The BEST SET of 3.0 heroes except Rocka XL

  68. 1:FURNO is cool as a hawk and he is my favorite hero since it came out and has cool wings but is lacking leg armour..

    2:STRINGER looks awsome in may ways and i like his mask and claw.

    3:BULK looks epic with all the silver armour and helmet so im getting him!!!!!

    4:NEX is FREAKIN AWSOME!!!! and plus hes a tiger :D and orange is my fifth favorite colors

    5:STORMER hes ok and cool cause hes a white rhino i dont know y people say hes ugly.

    6:ROCKA im sorry but rockas head is soo big and i wouldnt say hes ugly its just that i could see his eyes in his masks mouth O_o but i like his white hero core and gold armour and his rocka xl version

  69. Can anyone tell me if Stringer and Furno fight Waspix together in Savage Planet th Movie?

  70. 72th comment, Furno fights Waspix, Stringer and Nex fight Scorpio.
    Also heres my rating:
    1: Stringer 3.0 (the best!)
    2: Nex 3.0 (mask to far in, but cool!)
    3: Rocka 3.0 (mask works for Rocka XL)
    4: Bulk 3.0 (small body, girley mask, cool!)
    5: Stormer 3.0 (small legs, HUGE armor on the arm)
    6: Furno 3.0 (WAY too much exposure, dumb weapon, same under armor as in the 2.0, small armor on left arm, can lego mess aything else up?!