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Friday, July 29, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory MOC: Onyx 3.0

Onyx 3.0 is the worst enemy of any organized, confident group of villains, as he brings mass amounts of disorder and uncertainty.  This LEGO Hero Factory warrior strikes deep behind enemy lines with devastating speed, precision, and power.
  • Role: Interdictor
  • Weapon: Voulge/phase trident combo
  • Animal power: Jaervian Wolverine
  • Special ability: Daytime stealth
Onyx is intensely stoic and speaks only when absolutely necessary, with the fewest words possible.  When he stands, he stands perfectly still.  When he moves, he moves slowly and deliberately, and yet there are times when he can seem to disappear in the blink of an eye.  Details of his armor and weaponry are classified, but fellow heroes have been able to determine that the trident end of his double-sided polearm uses experimental phase resonance technology.  It is possible that his armor does as well, explaining his ability to seemingly vanish into thin air.
Interesting tidbits:
  • It is rumored that Onyx has regular secret meetings with Specter.  There was once a mention of something being "out of order" within the Hero Factory.
  • Ironically, Onyx does no nighttime missions.
  • Onyx and Stringer have never spoken to one another.
  • Every single piece used on the Onyx 3.0 model is fully black.
  • "Onyx is heavyweight, and still undisputed!"  - Google it


  1. Awesome! I love the complete black!

  2. How did you make a website icon with blogspot.

  3. Awesome, as always. I think Onyx would also look good with a white core and head.

  4. what the!?... how did he get a black core and head?

    1. he got the head from stringer 3.0 but the core i want to know too

    2. I think he meant the head, not the helmet. And Jang probably just painted the pieces.

  5. For those who don't know, there is no such thing as a "Jaervian wolverine." Jang took the Danish word "jaerv," which literally translates to "the wolverine", and made that into sone fictional planet where wolverines are the dominant species.