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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory MOC: Boravus 3.0

Introducing Boravus 3.0 from the LEGO Hero Factory, assigned to the Savage Planet missions.
  • Role: Berserker
  • Weapon: Dual-pronged Quaza spear
  • Animal power: Fire Badger
  • Special ability: Reactive Armor
Boravus is a rule-breaking survivalist who will do whatever it takes to defeat his enemies and protect his comrades.  The Hero Factory has a strict policy prohibiting the use of corrupted Quaza weapons, yet Boravus uses two spikes of the outlawed material in his spear.  When the spikes penetrate the armor of one of the Savage Planet villains, it is as if the creature is coming under the control of the Witch Doctor all over again.  For a few seconds, the creature is nearly paralyzed as the energies flow through it and Witch Doctor's concentration is broken.  This is when Boravus activates the secondary aspect of the spear, dual plasma rods, taking the poor villain out of commission for good.  He uses a hook & dagger multi-tool, holstered on his left side, to remove Quaza implants from his fallen foes.

Boravus also has reactive fire armor that can burn anything that strikes it with with sufficient force & speed.


  1. Awesome MOC! I like the use of the Fangz head. Although I've heard that the pegs are shorter on the villain heads, so how'd you get it on a hero head?

    1. He uses a special technique. If you want to know how, find the video on his channel. :)

  2. That has to be my favourite moc of yours, but how did you get the 'fangz' head onto a basic 'hero' head?

  3. nice use of a fangz head. actualy i was drawing mocs i could make when i get the 3.0 heroes and vllains (still waiting) and i drew a very similar moc the weapon was diferent and the armour was placed differently. well great moc still waiting till you unveal theactual moc from the skeleton of your previus post. well keep mocking.


  4. Will you attempt to make a Breez 3.0? That would be cool to see. It's kind of funny that didn't make one considering Breez's connection with nature and what not when the hero factory visits a Jungle environment.

  5. Cool moc, except the 2.0 villian armor on the lower body makes him seem too tall. Other than that, great moc!


  7. Could you do a How-To

  8. Not really keen on the weapon. But the rest is ace. Also, couldn't he just remove the Quaza spike, instead of killing the animals. Seems like some unnecessary brutality.