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Monday, April 7, 2014

Behind the scenes: So, this is happening...

This used to be where I had my video studio setup, before I moved it all to an all-new location last season!  The first set of tables hosts mostly recent City-themed sets, and the other, my growing classic space collection.

The new little city will be named Mellemby, a conjunction of the Danish words for "between" and "town."  It is a temporary resting place for sets that have been filmed, but not yet disassembled.  The next big LEGO set release season is about to begin, so much of the empty space here will be filled in soon!  Various items already on the table will be removed over time as replacements come out or as I make time to tear them apart & sort & file away all of the pieces.

I already know what most questions & comments will be, so I will try to address them in advance!
  1. Yes there will be videos, in due time.
  2. These displays are 100% separate from and unrelated to my main custom LEGO city.
  3. Nothing you see here is final, or ever will be final; this is all subject to constant and incessant change.
  4. Anything that you don't see here, but think I still own may already be disassembled, or it may be somewhere else.
  5. I'm not accepting any suggestions or requests of any kind, for anything in this room.  What will happen will happen, and what will be placed will be placed where it is placed when it is placed there.
  6. I don't currently have room for an airport here either, and I will not even consider making room for one until the next time LEGO releases a bunch of new normal, core, City (town) aircraft sets and I need a temporary place to put them.
  7. I do not want to connect the two displays in any way.
  8. I do not plan to place any MOCs in either of these displays, though I know astute viewers will already notice one, which doesn't count ;)
  9. I review LEGO sets.  Every set I can get my hands on.  Thus, anything you may see in this picture that hasn't yet been reviewed, will be reviewed (in due time).
  10. Yes, I recently mentioned that I have a total of four displays.  No, I have not shown the fourth yet.  Yes, I will show the fourth, in due time.
  11. This should be completely unrelated to this post, but it gets asked everywhere and all of the time anyhow, but my next update video for my main custom LEGO city will be posted the next time there's an update to post! ;)


  1. JANG, you just pulled out some new cards out of the sleeve! When I already had imagined you had disassembled those sets for parts in the MOCs you've been working on but turn out not having done so. So many great pieces you can work with, can't wait to see what you will do with it all! Supercool! / LEGOholicDAN

  2. Btw JANG, how much do you estimate you have in weight of LEGO system bricks and pieces? I have about 45 kg and about 30-35 I would say is all new stuff I've collected last two years and it is hardly touched as I have not had the time and place/space to launch projects. Also my financial situation has struggled through moments the last years so perhaps that is a good thing otherwise I would be swimming in LEGO bricks at home. I have kids now and they will inherit it but otherwise I had seriously contemplated perhaps just donating it all to you and see what glorious works you would have made of it all. Sure it would have helped your city all the great pieces and parts I have. /LhD

  3. police boat is the MOC. you're the best JANG. ALL HAIL THE JANG!!!!
    *chanting JANG repeatedly* /LhD

  4. I know you are not taking suggestions and these are not, I promise! Whatever you do is genius regardless and I am always excited to see your work.
    Just coughing a lot this evening for some reason.
    *cough* barbershop *cough*
    *cough* city square with perhaps a monument or statue *cough*
    *cough* heliport *cough*
    *cough* dentist *cough*
    *cough* petshop and vetclinic in one perhaps *cough*
    *cough* your character perhaps being the mayor of the city *cough*
    *cough* cemetery? maybe too depressing *cough*
    *cough* supermarket *cough*
    *cough* a fitness club *cough*
    *cough* library *cough*
    *cough* smaller innercity school *cough*

    anyway endless opportunities, you are the masterbuilder so whatever you do is amazing.
    and once again I am not suggesting anything I am just saying that you rock and you do whatever you want at the end of the day. you inspire me, not the other way around. however if you build something like what I mentioned I won't be one of those cyberpunks and go about you "stealing" one of "my ideas" .. they're not. most of thees you probably have figured out already. I just can't wait to see your city done JANG you are an inspiration. You should delete this message so nobody gets caught coughing more LOL

    Love your work!! AND I LOVE IT because it is all original and all you!

  5. jang for your other city are u building a school?

  6. The moc is the car- Jang showed it in a city update outside the mystic gem shop. The car is next to the train station.

    1. The police boat in the back is a MOC. See this video:

      Perhaps the car is too? I would need to go back and look.

    2. yes, that police boat is a MOC. and i also believe that car to be a moc, and i believe those two (maybe one) to be the only mocs on there

    3. wait a second i think that car might actually be, I Don't Know.