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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

LEGO Classic Space collection progress: Excellent!

I just updated my LEGO classic Space set inventory and realized that between what I've already reviewed, what's in-hand & awaiting review, and what's in the mail, I have covered:
  • Every major-release set from 1979 through 1983
  • All but one of the 1984 sets
  • Half of the '85s
Considering that my very first classic Space review was 5 short months ago, it looks like I'm moving through them pretty well!  I have about a half-dozen '86 & '87 sets in the queue as well, but in the middle of the latter year is when Futuron came in and I'm going to stop before that, for now.  I just don't personally like their style right now.  I plan to skip way forward to Mars Mission next, and we'll see where things go from there.

(Of course, the major LEGO new set release season is about to begin, so that'll keep me quite busy for awhile!)


  1. Perhaps one day you can open a museum or something as you have a great LEGO collection.

  2. Btw JANG.. just curious but would you ever consider doing reviews of DUPLO? /LhD

  3. When does the new set release occur Jang?

    1. It appears to have started last week in some countries. I've seen a few "summer" sets listed in online stores based in the UK, Japan, Italy, and Hungary. I can't wait to get this all started.

    2. Wow! Considering that the 2013 summer release was in August, moving to April (4 months earlier) is very awkward and weird. What's going to fill that 7-month gap between now and the winter release? More classic space? Town? An excess of new releases? Only you know... -Joe, your biggest fan

  4. Futuron's jam. I've been enjoying your Classic Space reviews, so that's a bummer. Oh well, guess I'll have to make my own ;) #Futuron of My Youth