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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Best-Lock Terminator construction playset review!

I didn't think I'd try another Best-Lock product after the first disaster, but this thing here was just so inexpensive, and the idea of minifig T-800 Terminators is so cool!  I had to give it a shot.  This set was $35 when I bought it, but I now see that Toys R Us has it on clearance for $15 (!!).  Fingers crossed!  Check it out...


  1. Jang, are you going to review any of the old mega bloks pirates of the Caribbean sets?

  2. Dude you should consider sets from Enlighten Bricks. I have a few sets and I have not had a single problem yet.

    1. It appears the Enlighten Bricks are just remakes of Lego sets. Seems very unethical.

    2. Have you looked at the Military sets? How is that a clone of something that LEGO won't make? Strangely enough, almost everyone says the same thing and I see their point, but still LEGO already stated they won't and will not go with military themes. Also Have you seen the price of Enlighten sets? Further more, before some comments on how "crappy" the bricks are I want to state this. There are some people that swear to ONLY LEGO and will never think about trying another set. These people are very closed minded and sure of heck never built a set from other then LEGO. I have a few sets from Enlighten and to be honest I NEVER found a single problem with them yet. And for those who have had issues, come on, don't kid yourselves, I remember having a few issues even with LEGO. It happens. I would also like to mention why would I pay LEGO a higher price per brick then Enlighten? Also is LEGO's brick making company based in China? Or is that a just a matter of time. I am just saying everyone that is a LEGO enthusiast should try Enlighten. They maybe surprised. I don't know about you, but when the Black Seas Barracuda came out in 1989 and LEGO wanted over $100 for it, I took it hard as a child. I know Enlighten made a copy of it and it can be found for half the price and sometimes lower then half if your lucky to find it. It was just a suggestion. I enjoy Jangs reviews and MOC's and look forward to see more.

    3. I believe the point being made was that Enlighten is a company that directly steals/rips off/clones LEGO designs. Not the military sets, obviously, but most of their other products. That the company also makes some things that aren't rip-offs of LEGO designs doesn't make their rip-offs any less ethically questionable. I, myself, do not want to support a company that bases its business on profiting from designs that are taken directly from another company without permission or license.

    4. I understand what you are saying and respect what you support. I like LEGO too, don't get me wrong, but if I can get an item that costs significantly less and is almost the same thing, I am going to go for it. This is not me being cheap by no means, but with the way the economy is, I try to save when I can. I view it like brand name soda versus a generic brand. I also find that the LEGO prices are getting absurd. Jang, you yourself have admitted this on a few of the sets you have reviewed. One set I find that is over priced for sure is Dragon Mountain,70403. I have been to Wal-Mart and have seen it around the price range of $50 to $60. With a piece count of 376 I would have liked to have more. I then looked at the Enlighten set that I bought for $30 called Tanks, 823. With 466 pieces I feel more justified with my purchase then I ever could with that LEGO set. When I compared other LEGO's around the $30 range I found set number 79012, Mirkwood Elf Army with only 276 pieces, I was shocked. Is this what $30 gets you for LEGO's these days? Yikes! I remember also seeing a huge castle that was around $115. If my memory is correct, it was Kings Castle, with 996 pieces. I decided to look up what castles that Enlighten made, and found Lions Castle with 1393 pieces. Sadly though I could not find a price for it because I think it is not ready to be released just yet. Upon seeing this I needed to compare with something that was already released and is available. I found set number 825, Headquarters with 1048 for about $75 on ebay. This is one of Enlightens more pricier sets, but it comes with a TON of things. But this brings up the whole question what is better, quality or quantity? Like I have stated before, I have not had a single issue thus far with Enlighten. Also from what I have been reading, the prices for LEGO's in Asia are even worse then here in the states and getting LEGO's in their countries are not easy as well. I am not justifying sealing designs from LEGO at all. The demand is there in other countries and it seems LEGO really does not care. I also have heard that LEGO is or was thinking about getting their bricks build in China. If this is true, does everyone want to pay higher prices for almost the same quality of brick coming out of China? BTW keep up the great work Jang, love the videos!

  3. Hey Boys!

    Could anyone help me with this toy? My son have it got. But without any box or building instructions and we are not able to make it together. We have 4 bags, I think 2 of them are the jeep, the other ones are the big hunter killer on the right up corner of the picture above.
    I have not find any instructions on the web. Have somebody for these wehicles a pdf or a link or something else? Could anyone help us?

    Thank you!