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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Today's three new videos have no specific theme, other than LEGO itself

Let's see, we have one classic LEGO Town set review, one (2-in-1) Bricklink haul, and one thumbing through of an old LEGO catalog.  Pretty random, I know.  Oh well!  Back to working on my mall I go ;)


  1. Hey Jang. Could you also review any sets with the "Light and Sound system" feature? I think it was introduced in 1987 and after that it was included in a lot of sets.

    1. You know... I was just thinking of another "theme" to review, too! I was wondering if you could review any Technic sets? I just got my first Technic set, the Mini Backhoe Loader, and I love it! For me, it's more than worth the investment :) -your #1 fan, Joe