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Monday, April 28, 2014

Two new LEGO MOCs, military & Minecraft!

With the release of Minecraft for the Xbox One finally around the corner (and with the great news that saves from the Xbox360 can be ported over) I've been inspired to begin work on the mysterious, dark, empty far corner of my all-custom LEGO city.  It's going to be a fully minifig-scaled Minecraft-themed area including a large hillside!  I've now done my very first little pieces of it, with many more to come.

Also over the weekend, I got inspired to make some new stuff for my Planetary Defense Force.  More coming on that front as well!

As always, updates to my mall/city/anything are posted when there are updates.  No updates are posted when there are no updates.  When there are no updates posted, it's because there are no updates.


  1. Jang, will you be making a house for you're sig fig in your city

  2. AWESOME. Love the idea of a minecraft styled village, and a hill, and am very excited about your planetary defence force too! Great work, keep it up. /thelittlebrickblogger

  3. I think we get the idea by now that when there are no updates, no updates will be posted.

    1. A lot of folks got it the first or second or tenth time I said it. A lot more did not, and still ask every day when the next city or mall update will be :-/

  4. how do you get that white void effect for your videos? No shadows not too bright.