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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Four fresh video uploads today!

Another eclectic mix of new content for y'all this evening, including one o the coolest classic LEGO space sets I've reviewed yet!


  1. Hey JANG awesome reviews! Just wanted to give you a tip where you can find used lego cheap. I currently am in Sweden and they have a website here called where people basically sell things or try to find things to buy, think ebay or craigslist. Anyway just looked around there and see some people selling big amounts of lego for a cheap price (they have no idea of its value obviously!) (hela sverige means all of sweden) .. now usually these people will say you come and pick it up at the spot but I believe if you would contact them and explain that you are willing to pay for the shipping I am sure they would go out of their way for you. Its just a tip as I am sure you are always on the look for LEGO although I realize you are more specific with what pieces and such you buy. Tell me if you want me to help you I can write and speak fluent Swedish in case you need someone. Best wishes / LEGOholicDAN

  2. just wanted to show you an example .. this guy is selling all those vehicles for 500 :- which means 500 SEK (Swedish Krona) ( a great cheap deal is equivalent to 75-76 dollars) Anyway not sure if you check your comments anymore as you don't seem to approve of them manually but like I'm saying a great way to get a hold of LEGO cheap.. its just the shipping on top of it all which I can find out for you. let me know if you are interested JANG. /LhD