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Friday, April 25, 2014

Mall construction update #15: CUPCAKES!

This may seem odd, but this is the vendor I've been looking forward to building more than any other, since long before I laid the first brick of this mall.  Does anyone remember when I got my first cupcake girl minifig?  Not the recent one.  I'm talking months & months ago.  When I made that order, that is when inspiration for this little thing struck.

Weird.  Word.

Repeat-o-disclaimer:  Video will be done, when the mall is done.


  1. You rock Jang!! Awesome mall and other MOCS!!

  2. Are going to do a video review of this? ;) Lol, had to be the first to ask that question! All joking aside, looks good.

  3. i wish i could meet you in person i try to build things like you...just like you

  4. Amazing... Just, amazing, I envy you SOOOO much right now. SERIOUSLY. I'M A LEGO COLLECTOR MYSELF. I actually thought of making a mall but I just don't have too many pieces you know, other than that, you are a very cool guy with an AMAZING LEGO COLLECTION!

  5. where did you get the "cupcake" for the sign?