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Monday, February 26, 2018

Summary for the week Feb. 19 - 25

I'd like to start off by assuring you I do not intend to post once per week on this blog long-term.  I've just been a bit more overloaded than usual of late, resulting in the need to trim a bit from even my regular routine.  This most recent week has been a prime example of the phenomenon, with a rush to move New Jang City forward being unexpectedly interrupted by the Toys R Us release of some cool cars and embargoed live-action superhero sets.

Avengers Infinity War reviews:
Speed Champions reviews:
Custom builds:
Only a small handful of early March release sets remain before I return to custom work, unless the Jurassic World sets suddenly appear in the wild.  My goal is now to have New Jang City ready for another full tour video in time for the beginning of this Summer.


  1. I appreciate your ability to speak to the viewers about the going-ons of the channel on this blog.

    Can't wait to see more custom builds!

  2. When will you do the Thor’s Weapon Quest review? I love your reviews, and I watch your customs all the time. I’m thinking about getting all of the Infinity War sets, and I just need to see that one. Thanks!

  3. Do you have the infinity war set with groot in it?

    1. I want that one to be reviewed SOOOOOOO bad. I really want to see it.

  4. I used to use this blog as the primary gateway to all of your excellent content but lately it seems to be way behind. Just a 'one-liner' link is enough for me to avoid Jangblues, (the state of of having no new Jangbricks to watch).