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Monday, February 19, 2018

Summary for the week Feb. 12 - 18

Well that was a productive week!  At times I felt like I was really having to push myself to work ever faster, but taking a look back at the before & after, the progress isn't half bad.  I received & unboxed quite a lot of loose pieces, but better than that is the fact that I used a lot of pieces!  In New Jang City, the port area has really come together and just needs a couple more ships and some custom vehicles to finish it up for the foreseeable future.  The big terrain feature has started to get its final layer of detail in some areas, though other parts need more foundation work.  The mine display that I just started last week is already approaching "done for now" status.

Last but not least, I snuck a few reviews into the mix to maintain variety, including the second of the two biggest Power Miners sets.

New Jang City:



  1. How about building a huge cruise ship for the port?

  2. Can you make an other blog on YouTube please.

  3. hey awesome city; have you seen the Lepin store, they are using one of your pics from the city for their city line; I saw it right away since I'm a huge fan of it.

  4. Seriously, how do you have time for all the things you do? Have to say, one of the comments you made in a recent video about the layering in the mountainside really hit a cord with me. Was making one of the Speed Champions sets last night and could see how well that technique adds to the model even in something that small.

  5. Put a goat on the mountain !!!!