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Saturday, March 3, 2018

2018, another year of experimentation

A friend who's known me for the entirety of the current millennium recently told me that a trait he's always observed in me is a constant quest for self-improvement.  I think that sounds a lot more lofty than it feels and really is.  I can at least confirm that I apply such effort to whatever work I do and specifically to the JANGBRiCKS channel, where I keep a tentative pulse on viewer feedback and make frequent, often unnoticed tweaks to my video-making formulas.  Just last week, for instance, I completely tossed out a custom solution that had taken me weeks to piece together for one of my lighting needs, and I've replaced it with something fundamentally different.

For the first half of this year, I will continue to work towards my goal of a doing my first full New Jang City walkthrough since 2015, but that work is going to have a lot more value than the single video it'll initially produce.  I've not done a comprehensive tour in all of this time because I've not felt the place is worthy of such a thing.  Too many areas have looked either woefully unfinished or unchanged for my liking.  Making significant progress against both of those major issues opens up opportunities for other types of videos around the city that I've been frankly embarrassed to attack.

I also stay on the lookout for opportunities to attempt new types of content, whether on a whim or with careful planning. Squarely in the realm of the former is today's Tell Me What To Build MOC experiment.  It was a suggestion from the aforementioned friend to directly accept and act upon viewer requests in a very, very controlled way with (hopefully) minimal risks to my sanity and schedule. Separately in this vain of course my plans for the new Melemby District under New Jang City remain in place and I'll start accepting input for that in the next month or two.

More trials & changes to come, as always.


  1. Hi Jang, I’m a big fan of all of your work. I know you have a very specific (and long) list of planned projects, but your talk about building in the microscale Skyline style had me thinking how awesome it would be to see you build a microscale version of your own city. It could include some of the ideas you have for future developments of the city (such as the skyscraper district), but without all the effort and detailed required to build them “full scale”.


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