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Friday, August 1, 2014

LEGO Hero Factory Breez Flea Machine set 44027 build & review!

Here's another Invasion From Below wave 2 set, leaving me with just 2 more to go.  I remember being not much of a fan of this when I tried to make a custom version months ago.  Now that I've gotten the real deal, the mechanism on the back makes significantly more sense.  Unfortunately, it just doesn't work so well.


"Jump to it, Breez! The acid cocoons are turning the air toxic in the underground cavern. Gear up in the mega Flea Machine and go to investigate. Use the cord and grapple hook to glide safely above poisonous terrain. Fire the dual flick missiles and your click shooter to keep the hatching jumper away. You must scan and destroy that cocoon to clear the toxic fog! Includes BREEZ mini robot with a weapon and accessory."

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