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Friday, August 1, 2014

Chugging along!

Hi!  How are you?  I'm doing pretty well, myself, just a wee bit tired.  I've been working through reviews pretty continuously again and haven't had breaks to do much of anything else.  No MOCs, no how-to's, no general updates, no FAQs.  Over the past 7 days, 26 videos have been published, all reviews & builds done for reviews!  At least for a few days last week I did check out the brief Destiny beta, so that was fun, but I simply compensated & evened things out by sleeping less.  D'oh.

There is definite light at the end of the Mega Bloks release tunnel, but another small LEGO release just hit overnight.  I now have over 40 sets in my "to review" queue, in my possession, not counting things that are on pre-order and/or awaiting release.  Definitely swimming against the current here, and in July, the current won heartily.

In more cheery news, the video of my LEGO shopping mall passed some pretty surprising milestones in just over 3 weeks of existence.  Already over 8,000 likes & 2,000 comments, it also became my 4th video to pass the 1 million view mark.  The last to accomplish the latter, my February custom city walkthrough, took 4 months.  This reminds me, MOCs -- man, it'll be nice to have time to work on them again.  Some day!

Gotta keep chugging along!


  1. Does that amount include the Mixels of the third series?

  2. I'm curious. Why do you choose to do reviews over MOC's? Will you eventually phase out the reviews to do more MOC work?

  3. That's alot of brick seperators! XD