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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hero Factory RACERS: Former + Condor Land Speeder

My second Hero Factory RACERS MOC pair features a pretty clean, simplistic, fairly easy-to-duplicate vehicle and a hero character I haven't used before:


  1. Judging by the color scheme of red and white, is Former's name a reference to Transformers? It's because he looks like Ratchet and the name sounds like Transformers...

    Also, where did Regger's name come from? I thought it came from Reggae music because of the color scheme, but now that I know that its pronounced "REH-jur" I'm wondering where his name came from, too.

    Also I made a few HF Racers with some of my own heroes.

  2. Nice! Not as good as the last one, but still pretty good

  3. I gotta try this with my self moc, cho! It's gonna be hard to make him small, though. He's already very puny! If you wanna see it, stay tuned at my blog! (

    1. I would like to see that! Post a comment to let me know when its done!

  4. I made my own hf racer: Nailer + Lyte Bike
    Its basicly a stripped down motercycle so its very "light" hehe

  5. I was re-watching some of Jang's old videos, and thought about something. What if Jang made some of his old villains, such as Maelstrom, breakout figures? It would also be cool to see a breakout Blanko, with all of his features exagerated (just a hand where the right arm would be, an oversived weapon on his left arm, super long goggles, extremely tall lower legs, and something like 20 joints on his legs). Its just an idea, but that would be awesome.

    P.S. I nearly exploded stifling a laugh while watching the review of Furno+Jawblade.

  6. Went to a Lego store today, hoping to pick up Thornraxx and Breez.
    No such luck; I was told by a Lego store employee that Breez and Thornraxx won't be out in the US until at least March.

    Instead I got Jetbug, Furno (Breakout), and a random Technic set (for parts).
    Not a bad haul.