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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hero Factory RACERS: Regger + Myrnix Rover

Here's my first full overview video of a Hero Factory RACERS series MOC (or pair of MOCs).  This is Regger 2.0 from the "Don't Forget The Others" video, with his all-terrain Myrnix Rover:


  1. Just watched vid! Good job with the pullback motor

  2. Jang, Honestly, I think the idea sucks.

    It takes away the full point of 4.0, All new parts, breakout, custom blasters, ETC.

    Sorry if people dissagree, its my opinion

    1. I take it you didn't see the very last blog post explaining the whole theme, because this has absolutely nothing to do with the Breakout series that you call "4.0" and is set to a completely different time period.

    2. Ah ok, srry.

      Your still the best thougt

    3. @ anonymous: eh...i wouldn't classify jang as "the best", cuz, well, i just don't find all of his mocs as awesome as some other ones i've seen before. I know many people'd dissagree, but i'm just gonna have to say that, while jang is pretty good, he just isn't the best. (i'm just sayin')

  3. it inspired mr to make a vehicle for my smallest moc!

  4. where can i get the part used for the back wheels?

  5. Would you mind doing a how-to on the small sized heroes?
    -Takua Nui

    (been working on that myself)

  6. The wheels are from power miners.

    PS: I like the driver alot.