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Friday, January 27, 2012

Hero Factory RACERS: Miko + Sidewinder Superbike

Here's a different take on Hero Factory RACERS, one that drops half the wheels & ironically picks up a lot more complexity in the process.  This series is all about the vehicles, not the heroes, and this one took hours of experimentation over the course of about a week.


  1. hi cool bike keep it up

  2. I can't click the Thumbs Up button enough

  3. Sweet!
    It looks awesome, the MOC just flows together really well.
    IMO Miko should either have more orange, or no yellow- maybe an orange helmet and yellow face with orange armor on his torso would work too.
    I dunno, just some CC on the driver, since the majority of discussion will probably be on the bike.

    In other news, I reverse-engineered the small Hero design. They are great in real life IMO. Anyway, I made some chibi MOCs with a modified version of the design.

  4. why did you name the driver miko

  5. Cool.

    Jang, I was trying to make my own mini vehicle, then I saw that the base was fit for a large vehicle, and after an hour, I realized that it could be a titan, and after hours, I finished my largest MOC, about 3/4 of a yard in height, with perfect stability, all thanks to you.

  6. i LOVE it. please make more bikes!!!!!!!!! well done.

  7. You should make directions for it. Its really COOL! I want one!