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Sunday, September 18, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory MOC: Brown Recluse spider

Here's a quick little LEGO Hero Factory creation, the Brown Recluse spider encountered on the planet Quatros.  He's inspired by the Earthly Brown Recluse in looks & personality, but on Quatros they're not considered to be a real problem pest as they're about 2 meters long and thus practically impossible to miss and startle.  A few more details in the video.


  1. I'm the first to witness an awesome Hero Factory MOC. The Brown Recluse Spider.

  2. Have you seen Savage Planet?

  3. Brown recluse spiders come in different shades of brown also. Some are dark brown, but others are lighter shades of brown ranging all the way to the same color as your skin.

  4. Chronos, Lord of TimeSeptember 19, 2011 at 3:31 AM

    Cool MOC! I love how it is almost completely Bionicle! And yet it still fits in very well with the theme. Good to see you getting back in to the 3.0's again.

    "... but on Quatros they're not considered to be a real problem pest as they're about 2 meters long ..." O_O

  5. it looks more like a bionicle but i love nionicles woot

  6. @noah2001 ..... -_-

    Just watched the video, saw the intro screen for Surge and thought, hey, did I click on the right video? I'm sure people have said this lots of times on the YouTube vid though. :P

  7. @Chronos Well, considering that many of the Quatros creatures are MUCH larger than 2 meters... xp

    A nice, compact MOC, one in which I can't find many faults. My only suggestion (not a real problem) would be that you change the eyes from orange to red to match the quaza spike. Other than that, I like how the pieces are from mixed brands yet look nice together.

    Also, isn't it ironic that people find you close-minded for using a wide array of pieces