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Monday, September 19, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory MOC: Xephyr 3.0

The LEGO Hero Factory has just lost one rookie, but gained a new fully-trained hero!  Introducing Xephyr 3.0!

  • Role: [varies by mission]
  • Animal power: Scarab Beetle
  • Weapon: Spectral blaster
  • Special ability: Rolling lunge attack
Xephyr is the type of guy who always strives to be different, just for the heck of it.  His fellow rookie classmates thought when he graduated to full hero status he might choose a shrimp for his 3.0 animal power, or maybe a quail, or sea snail.  It had to be something bizarre, but nobody guessed he'd choose the iconic ancient scarab beetle!  His special attack involves curling up into a ball and thrusting himself forward with an explosive rolling lunge that delivers a tremendous amount of kinetic energy to his target.  He loves disrupting a group of multiple small enemies, treating them like bowling pins.  Strike!
Fun facts:
  • The colors of the translucent pieces on Xephyr's spectral blaster weren't chosen at random.  I spent about 20 minutes trying different combinations and orders to come up with something that would look sufficiently random, yet somewhat balanced.
  • Underneath the 10 or so layers of paint, Xephyr's helmet is actually a medium blue-gray.



  2. What rookie did they lose?

  3. That has to be my favourite hero factory MOC I have ever seen! Great job!!

  4. i guess they lost Xephyr as a rookie

  5. I love the way you did the body, its so unique!

  6. Cool! I love this idea! I would never have thought of using Stormer's helmet for this- I also made a beetle hero, but using Vorox's helmet. Also, does it really curl up into a ball? That would be insanely awesome. And do you mean to say that you colored the helmet grey, or it was originally a grey helmet?!

    @Anonymous- it just means that Xephyr is not a rookie anymore, he's a full hero. So they lost a rookie, which was Xephyr, but gained a hero, which is also Xephyr. Make any sense?

  7. his speical abilty sounds like cannonbolt's from ben 10. YOU THIEF :O! not really good MOC

  8. probably roka since hes a rookie

  9. Hey, I made a MOC with that helmet who's animal power was a beetle!

  10. @ANONYMOUS, second comment.
    No, you idiot, can't you reason? He is the rookie they lost because he became a fully trained hero.

  11. that one is awesome

  12. Cool, great MOC!!! I love the spikes and the random colors of the Spectral Blaster (Specter? :P) are strange but awesome. Also, do you think that you will be getting the Super Heroes Ultrabuild sets? There are alot of great MOCing parts, like purple armor on Joker (well you've probably seen the prelims anyway).

  13. are you going to make evo 3.0 moc. awesome moc by the way, love the color scheme

  14. Chronos, Lord of TimeSeptember 21, 2011 at 4:41 PM

    Hey there JANG! I was just looking on Eurobricks, and saw that therewas a set listed on the Barnes & Noble website called 'Overlorde' (with an 'e' at the end, I didn't misspell it). This supposed set has the same serial number as Black Phantom. It is possibly a new name for him, although Black Phantom is a cool name IMO, so I think it was a prelim set name. Just wanted to let ya know!

    1. No i have the set its 2012 and its still black phantom

  15. Oh, I get it now.

    P.S.: @Anonyomuus (12th) comment, I'LL GET YOU FOR THAT! Can't you be more un-insulting like @Chronos, Lord of Time?

  16. i think that a peacock blanko 3.0 would look cool

  17. @Anonymous (17th comment)- Haha, thanks, just trying to be helpful, and use manners, like many people on the Internet don't (no offense meant to anyone). I think that Anonymous (12th comment) thought that it was obvious that it was just Xephyr and wanted you to know. Could've done it nicer but ah well.

    Anyway! I never mentioned the Spectral Blaster, which I love. All the random colors work so well together, probably because they are balanced well, like you said.

  18. Eh... Sorry, I thought you were some four year old who just posts and never looks at it again. There are people in the world like that, you know. I just hate stupid comments, probably because I go to one of the top private middle schools in the country.

  19. Hey, Jang,
    Did you notice Thornraxx's helmet is just like Jetbug's, only with a different colour? Could that be him?
    P.S: @Anonymous (9th comment).
    His powers more closely resemble ULTIMATE Cannonbolt, since Ultimate Cannonbolt has spikes.
    P.P.S: Jang.
    Where did you get those hero feet?
    And also: I got a good storyline!

    Mr. Makuro wonders about this "loss of order" as it is called. He had witnessed part of one of their meetings and was afraid about some heroes, including Boravus, Onyx and Specter, starting a conspiracy. He counted on the only other heroes he can trust to form the Senitel 1 division of heroes, since most of the alpha team were busy at that time, and Commander Fortis was trying to stop a war. They are:

    -Cornelius Lennick 3.0.
    -Krubriq Bahrzot 3.0.
    -Maxwell Breacher 3.0.
    -Benjamin Makk 3.0.
    -Nathan Evo 3.0.
    Led by the hero legend Lorne 3.0, our heroes must find a way to stop this conspiracy before it's too late. Can they finish their mission?
    Like it? And if you're wondering, I also posted the 2n comment. I don't have an account, you can just call me the name I'll get later.

  20. Chronos, Lord of TimeSeptember 23, 2011 at 3:01 AM

    Okay, let's see....

    @Anonymous (18th comment)- Peacock would be great for Blanko 2.9 (not 3.0, he'd still have the snow cannon)!

    @Anonymous (20th comment)- I do agree that there are alot of people who do that. My only piece of advice is to please try not to be full of yourself... You probably were not trying to be, but it came across that way. I'm not trying to start an argument.

    @Anonymous (21st comment)- The 'hero feet' are originally from the Toa Inika from Bionicle, but were used in many other Bionicle sets and waves until Bionicle ended. About your story- pretty good idea IMO. Just some tips, Boravus never met with Specter and Onyx, also the other heroes wouldn't work with Breacher and Makk, as they are on Recon Team. Now questions:
    •Why can he only trust those heroes?
    •Is the war Fortis is stopping of any importance or relevance, other than being a reason for him not to help Sentinel Team?
    •What will their mission be, taking out Specter, Onyx, and Boravus?
    •Why the hex does he think that Specter, Onyx, and Boravus are rebelling!?
    •Why isnt Evo on mission helping Alpha Team?
    •Was this team made up of guys you just really like and guys you really want JANG to MOC?
    •And why are they using their 3.0 armor? They aren't going to Quatros again are they?!

    Story really is pretty good, just has some holes I'd want to point out.

    Also yeah, Lorne and Evo 3.0 would rock!

    (And also Blanko 2.9!)

    Have a nice day!

  21. Chronos, Lord of TimeSeptember 23, 2011 at 3:18 AM

    Oh, and another thing... I know JANG could answer this but please, stop asking about Evo and Surge 3.0. First of all it's getting kind of annoying IMO when every other comment I read says 'pleez mak evo 3.o !!!!!!1!11! yayzorz1!!1!!' and second of all, JANG might have already made them! In one of his posts from around the time when the 3.0's came out, he said hat he already hade 20+ heroes built. He has no doubt made more as of then. He could easily have MOCs of Evo and Surge 3.0 sitting on his desk while he reads this!
    So please, give it a rest. Thank you!

  22. Comment Above me. To answer this question:
    P.P.S: Jang.
    Where did you get those hero feet?

    Those feet are on some bionicles, such as, Stronius and Hydraxon.

    And Jang I also got good storyline

    Merrick Fortis is having a normal day at Hero Factory, until he spots Spector sneaking around. What Fortis Does not know is that Spector has the 3.0 upgrade, like the Alpha team. Spector was heading to a secret meeting
    with Onyx. When Bahrzot spotted them walking in. He reported this immediently to Breacher 3.0, and Breacher passed it on to Merrick Fortis, Who tells Mr. Makuro. Makuro seems suspichis (i don't know how to spell it). Makuro asks Spector where he is going one day. Spector tells him he his getting some stewed bolts from the freezer. Makuro lets him off on this one, but he does not stop telling Merrick Fortis to keep both eyes on Spector.

    Just an idea. You can use this if you want. You don't have to give me credit (you can't, because i'm not a user, and even if I was, you still would not have to give credit!)

    Also there was this kid who was pretending to be like you. The video was called
    "Lego Stringer 2.0"
    He said what you say at the start of all your videos, and he was'nt even reviewing a stringer 2.0 MOC. He had a Stringer 1.0 set.
    The kid's username was duhone.
    If your looking for the link here it is:

    1. I saw that kid....derp... He needs a life

  23. Um Jang. Me and my brother are allowed to get a Hero factory Set tomorrow. Which one should I get?
    My brother is going to get Nex 3.0. We have Fangz and Raw Jaw and we wat to get two heroes t fight them. So I want a hero. I am most definetly not getting Furno and Stormer 3.0. Those guys suck.
    So I'll choose either Stringer, Bulk or Rocka 3.0.
    Please answer or i'll be at Big W forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I am in possession of Stringer and Bulk 3.0, and I can tell you, they're awesome sets. My friend has Rocka 3.0, which is alright, but not as good IMO.

    Your decision could be influenced by what you want to do with the sets. It seems to me that you'd want to display them. In that case all of the heroes are great. But if you are MOCing, Bulk and Stringer are best, they have large amounts of silver and black armor, which are two colors that can be used on most heroes. This is very helpful when you have a MOC that is lacking armor in it's own main color, and you can add black or silver, which are generic enough to go well with any color.

    Hope that helped!

  25. Chronos, Lord of TimeSeptember 23, 2011 at 2:58 PM

    @Anonymous (24th comment)- Oh god I laughed so hard at 'Lego Stringer 2.0'. I can't get mad at that kid- he's too young. I bet he watched one of JANG's videos, maybe the Stringer 2.0 MOC vid, and decided he wanted to do a review. He probably didn't know what kind of intro to do so he used JANG's! XD
    Seriously that was hilarious.

    And I don't get what's up with the hate comments on the vid. Clearly the kid is too young to know better and the parent jut thinks it's cute and posted a video.

    1. Oh. Makes sense. Sorry i posted one of the hate comments

    2. Hmmm...i guess the occurence of a vid like this does mean, that Jang has become kind of famous, and has his fans even among the youngest ^^. But what kind of disturbed me, was the bare leg on the table on the left side. I hope the owner was ok...

  26. Well Chronos, Lord of Time. I kinda want them for both display and MOC parts. Me and my brother like building different versions of other guys we have, so we could almost build the REAL Stringer and Bulk 2.0. However we could'nt, because we need a black helmet piece and a silver helmet piece. We could paint them, but me and my brother do not like painting pieces. I told my brother to get Bulk 3.0, and he agreed. I am going to get Stringer 3.0. I wanna compare the Stringer 1.0 set to the the Stringer 3.0 set. So yeah, heres the conclusion:

    What me and my brother are getting.
    Me: Stringer 3.0 My Brother: Bulk 3.0

  27. Chronos, Lord of Time. I have a question. What does IMO mean?

  28. Well we were just at Big W, and we got what we wanted, and the prices were pretty good. $14.95
    for both of them. Stringer is AWESOME and Bulk isn't bad. The only problem with Bulk is that his blade on his arm keeps coming off. Me and my brother were playing with them outside in our Front yard, and w almost lost Bulk's blade. For some reason my brother likes Stringer better than Bulk. Stringer is my second favourite hero out off all, with Surge being the first.

  29. Chronos, Lord of TimeSeptember 23, 2011 at 8:42 PM

    IMO is a useful acronym, IMO!
    IMO= In My Opinion

    Ah, so you took my advice! Cool. How do you like the sets?
    Yeah, there is sadly no way to get black, silver, or gold heads without recoloring the heads. :(

    Please post more MOCs!
    (Sorry for trolling.)

  30. Oh yeah, one more thing.
    For this mission, the other heroes got promoted to full Recon Team status. And as for why I added Boravus, I just think he is creepier than Bahrzot.

  31. The sets are awesome thank you! My Brother covered bulk in playdoh. We can't get the playdoh of so I will get him for that! I formed a secret organization called the S.S.A.F.S. (The Stringer, Surge and Fangz Socitey.) I have my favourite hero factory sets to form one big organization.
    Thanks for your help!

  32. Hello, Jang i am having trouble with attaching the mtis on the 2.0 back ( like with the rocka 2.0 moc you made), can you plz make a vid

  33. Chronos, Lord of TimeSeptember 25, 2011 at 6:57 PM

    Seriously, you can just use two of those 3-long Technic pins, they can be found in blue or black in most Bionicle sets. Or you can use one of the Phantoka connectors that attached the Av-Matoran to the Phantoka Toa Nuva...

  34. i know but the shield ends up too high, when i put on shield that was lower, it does not stay in place and moves. on Jang's rocka 2.0, the shield is in just the right position. or maybe it seems this way to me.

  35. Hey, I'm wondering that if I'm only allowed one more hero factory set in the 3.0 series, what should it be?

    P.s I already have Bulk 3.0

  36. hey by the way how did you do the body armor


  38. This is an amazing Moc but what paint did you use beacuse none of the paint's I use work out