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Friday, September 16, 2011

All five LEGO Hero Factory "4.0" hero MOC videos!

Folks who have followed along with the past day's blog posts can ignore this one, but if you're finding this through a web search, hello and welcome!  What I've done is put together custom creations based on what I saw in the first leaked preliminary Hero Factory series 4 pictures.  As the new sets will use brand new parts that aren't available, these MOCs are not perfect replicas.  They're just the best I could do, with the parts I have, to give you all a general idea of what these figures could look like based on the prototypes.
Each post has a YouTube video linked to it, and yes, there are only five heroes this time!


  1. Chronos, Lord of TimeSeptember 16, 2011 at 2:56 AM

    *applause* Wow, great job on these. My favorite has to be Rocka.

  2. very very nice! oh and i just saw the image for splitface! you jang are one accurate discriber! one thing why does splitface look like a half painted amerian football fan?

    1. I have splitface and he is awesome! His head is actually two parts!

  3. hey guys i found a youtube video of herofactory series 4 it is called breakout it is called hfu news#3 and legojang did good at furno

  4. Has anyone else noticed the new upper leg pieces? They look good for MOC work.

  5. Chronos, Lord of TimeSeptember 17, 2011 at 2:10 PM

    @Anonymous (third comment)- You really said that? JANG already knows that, anyone reading this blog does. There are actually quite a few YouTube videos about the leaked pics. Yeah, he 'did good at furno' and all the other heroes. JANG made MOCs of all five of them already. Which is kinda the point of this blog post.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe that you will not have to buy the next Furno set (your MOC looks just like it!)

  7. Hey LegoJang, I just noticed that Breez actually has some white bone pieces in her forearms. In addition to this, Rocka's upper leg and forearm bone pieces seem to be dark bley. Rocka has no left hand, but instead has a socket, to which his 'crossbow' attaches. Also; the hexagon shield is two halves, that attach on either side of a socket.

    You probably know this already, just telling what I noticed.

  8. Hey Jang I noticed that furno is actualy the underwater hero

  9. Anonymous @ 7th comment, the furno 4.0 has a new chest plate piece. His Furno moc video had a disclaimer at the start about inaccuries and stuff like that. He ALSO said that it was not intended to be an exact replca.

    Anyway i do like your mocs. I check your blog everyday to see if anything is new! Surge is my favourite hero out of all, and I will never change favourite characters. I do want them to make a hero with purple armor. I heard that Joker set in the Lego Superheroes series coming out next year in 2012 has purple pieces! He has Nex's feet though. So I think it will be a while till they make a purple hero! Ohhhhhhh....

    Speaking of superhero sets, are going to get them, because they have alot of new building system pieces!

    Anonymous @ 8th comment, The jet turbines could work underwater, but that dosent make him the Underwater hero.
    1. Whenever a plane crashes, it usally lands in water. But if jet turbines did work on a plane underwater, they would just keep flying underwater.
    2. Is'nt furno the "blazing hero". Would'nt he just get "put out" under water.

    Did I cover everything. I think so.
    Just one more thing:
    Jang your not awesome at all.
    Your VERY awesome!

    THE END!

  10. the background was my clue,
    1. furno and jawblade have same type of background 2. furno's shadow is in jawblade's background
    3. the main reason planes crash is because their turbines stopped working!