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Thursday, February 17, 2011

More Hero Factory Savage Planet final photos

Hat tip to jimnbobproductions on YouTube for the lead on these clear photos from the Toy Fair, published by

You can click to see huge raw images on the blog post at


  1. These pics are so ugly!!!! What the banana did they do with the toys? They were sooo cool on the firts photos, and now they seems to be so ugly... Hum, I don't know, I think something's wrong...

  2. Neat. Does anyone know what the msrp for the hero sets are? Hope same as before.

    Looks like the ones with shields only have one hand again. That's too bad.

    I think they should make more varied armor pieces. I'm liking the new helmets but the armor doesn't match their new animal look.

  3. Yeah. That seems that some pieces are not attached on these photos...

  4. man i made a MOC yesterday and i did like it so i took it apart later i am going to make Charger 2.0

  5. They are
    cool and the idea is cool but I miss bionicle.

  6. Almost everyone misses Bionicle. Thing is, I have contacted Lego on ideas about HF meeting Bionicle. My other comments are on the NY toy fair. You know, the other article.

  7. Two words. Hordika and Rahi. Lego can tell how much people miss Bionicle, and they're doing us a huge favor with the savage planet series. They know how to keep us happy!

  8. For the Heroes I am geting Rocka,Bulk,Stringer.
    And either Nex or Stormer. (Depending on combiner). But no Furno of me ^_^
    For Villains Witch Doctor,Waspix. And maybe Fangs.