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Sunday, February 13, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory 2011 Savage Planet sets @ NY Toy Fair 2011

Lego was showing off all of the final Hero Factory Summer 2011 Savage Planet figures at the New York Toy Fair this past week and shared some good photos:

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  1. Thanks for compiling all the images into one post; been having a hard time sifting through all the photos to find what im looking for, so it's good to have a list at the ready.

    I'll post my thoughts now.

    Stringer 3.0: I honest to god can't find anything wrong with him, except that his secondary color is keetorange instead of mata orange.

    Stormer 3.0: I find the leg armor placement odd yet somewhat cool at the same time. I have to say the helmet's a let-down, though.

    Furno 3.0: I like the helmet, I like the weapon, I even like the wings. But that lack of leg armor is HORRIBLE.

    Nex 3.0: I dislike that they replaced his white pieces with silver, but I find his overall look quite nice.

    Rocka 3.0: Lovely, lovely gold. Black and white too! Makes for such a great color scheme. His helmet's even improved. Love it.

    Rocka XL: WOAH, much better than Fire Lord. That piece used to cover the skinny upper legs is a nice touch. And all the more gold! :D

    Bulk 3.0: Thought I wouldn't like him, but I actually do. I like the weapons, the helmet, and the overall color scheme. Definitely a plus.

    Fangz: Seems very will built; The use of the trans-red armor as a spine will eliminate the need to buy another Jetbug to get more of those! The "fangs" are laughable. This guy's solid.

    Waspix: Very shoddily made in my opinion; those legs are a good attempt to create an insectoid look, but they fail miserably. I do like this set because it's giving me Ben 10 claws without needing to buy a Ben 10 set.

    Raw-Jaw: Very solid. The body design and huge paws/claws are nice, though all the red is a little jarring at first glance. Definitely will be picking this up.

    Scorpio: A jumbled, cluttered, overpriced mess. Very little here of worth, aside from the numerous lime green and black armor pieces. To add to that, Rocka XL in comparison has 180 pieces (or around that); Scorpio has an estimate of 100.

    Witch Doctor: My absolute favorite HF titan. The level of complexity is very nice, the numerous spikes sticking out of his body really give him a unique appearance. The weapon, while much different (in a bad way) from the prelim pictures, is still nice, and the leg design is much better compared to Fire Lord. and 300+ pieces FTW.

    Overall, loving this weave. Not disappointed in the least.

  2. Hi just wanted to say that I love these but I agree that rocka's head stinks but I do like the gold color armor. I'd have to say that my favorite is stringer, I just love the claws. I am sad that they didn't include surge and evo.overall I think this is going to be a good line of hero factory :]

  3. Super cool! Great job on getting these up early! But has anyone else noticed that they called Waspix "Wasp"?

  4. I'm not so excited for Raw Jaw anymore. The box art makes him look like a monster of mass destruction, but he's really puny...

    Rocka 3.0, I believe Rocka is a girl (Because Breez isn't in this line). Her XL form might be where my money is going, I nearly drowned in the amount of want for it.

    Bulk, Stringer, and Nex are my favorites, their helmets were the only ones that seemed to fit right on them (Stormer's looks odd, Rocka's looks terrible, and they never seem to make Furno's helmet look good on him even though he's the "hero".) Can't get over the fact that Bulk's weapons look like Chili Peppers.

    Witch Doctor looks good for a 30$ set, if I don't like the way he looks to me when I get him, he'll have a warm welcome to my MOC parts.

    Waspi's mask just bugs me. It leaves a huge open gash that let's you see the parts below. Because it's a Jetbug/Nitroblast like head, it doesn't look good like that.

    Fangz is pretty awesome, he might possibly be my favorite 4 legged monster next to Scorpio.

    Scorpio is pretty great. It's 25$, which is OK because it has several great parts in lime green (I might make a Breez 2.0 out of him if Rocka turns out to be a guy). Also I love scorpions.

  5. I like the new helmets. They look like they use the 2.0 heads and the helmet replaces the visor and helmet parts? I think I like this better because the visors didn't give the 2.0's enough personality imo. Also their weapons look new and very cool.

    It would have been really neat if they put out a new chest armor piece because other than the helmet weapon and green armor piece these look exactly like the 2.0 versions.

  6. I am just happy and i love them..

  7. Stormer: Ok I get that they want animal masks for this HF line but stormers mask is ment to be rhino but it looks very glatorian to me.

    Furno: They wont drop him he's becoming a pain good weapons good mask but furno HAS to get dropped sometime.

    Rocka: Ugly he looks like well undiscribable the mask is ugly!!

    Nex: Good good and epic I love him good sabre tooth cat mask and weapon

    Bulk: Unusual looking weapon it looks like a chilli but his mask is great very nice wolf

    Stringer: Though he looked good and I still do the mask is good im just not sure about the weapon

    I'll do the villians in another comment :)

  8. Rocka's "mask" ugly!!!?? What-the...!

  9. i love them all especially the whitch doctor but some of the sets are different then the packaging they come in. a bit of a rip off.

  10. Yeah, the box art is really different from the sets, but... I think they'll chenge something on the sets... Anyways, all of them are cool! Rocka XL is SOOOOOOOOOO COOL!

  11. MAN, Nex's weapon is incomplete!
    Did anyone notice that?

  12. I think that it was a HORRIBLE design for Furno. He has no armor on his thighs, and his arm armor looks weird. He just looks unfinished. I'd have to say my favorite so far is Stormer or Bulk.

  13. Have you seen the new Hero teaser site from LEGO?

  14. Hi I just noticed that If you look at the transluscent green piece each hero has you will notice that there is an animal on it which probably represents what animal the hero represents. For example if you at bulk's green piece you will see a wolf on it.

  15. "Hi I just noticed that If you look at the transluscent green piece each hero has you will notice that there is an animal on it which probably represents what animal the hero represents. For example if you at bulk's green piece you will see a wolf on it."
    Yeah, All of us noticed that... I think.

  16. Did anyone notice that Breez is missing?

    Well i like the helmets...and the rest is also not bad...

  17. Nuvaboy: Man, last collection (2.0) Stringer and Bulk were missing. This collection (3.0) Breez, Surge, and Evo are missing.

    I think that in the next collection the ones that will be missin will be Stormer, Furno and Rocka.
    Anyways. Cooooool collection xF

  18. My favorite villains are Waspix and Fangz, if you don't count Witch Doctor.

  19. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Just 2 let everyone know,every hero has a unique trans-green armor piece with their name on it

  21. witch doctor looks great, but i like his chest armor better in the preliminary pics. what i dont get is why the heck did they have his staff go from freaking awesome, to some puny thingy, i really hope they go more towards the preliminary design in the final release of the set.

  22. @ the "Anonymous" one: maybe, but now they set the HF's "mission" to a jungle or sth like that, so maybe a girl wouldn't be tough enough to survive there... well my comment is old, so... I don't care anymore, but it's still a interesting question, why LEGO adds and erases characters...

  23. my favourite 1 is from villains the RAW-JAW from heroes bulk mainly becouse i like dog type animals

  24. Are these even in stores yet?

  25. Nex reminds me of Chirox.
    Bulk is like a Visorak.
    Stormer is like Axonn in a way.
    Stringer has a bit of Bohrok on the top of his head.
    Furno... None.

  26. Fangz= Kikanolo
    Waspix= Bitil
    Skorpio= Scopio
    Raw-Jaw= Spinax

    Witch Doctor= reminds me of Toa Mata Nui.

  27. Where is the story line that is with these sets? Did I miss something? I thought that lego was only on 2.0!

  28. Waspix is greate he looks like a wasp.

  29. Did anyone notice that Surge is missing?

  30. My favourite is fangs because his spines look cool on him and my second favourite is stormer but i dont like his mask it's supposed to be a rhino but it looks like a gladiator helmet they should make the horns longer.

  31. They all are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!even the bad guys they are wicked!!!!!!!if they were cheap enough i'd buy them all in one day.

  32. i like em all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Cool but there is one thing on my mind...
    *Bulk and Stringer look and remind me of bionicle (its the mask)
    *Furno has no leg cladding :o
    *where is the helmet 3rd part?
    *why did rocka get a XL version
    *why did stringer and bulk come back

    anyone got answers???

  34. Furno has a plasma bow and has powered flight.

  35. I do not know why they did not make Breez a 3.0.
    For starters, Breez is green, so she could camoflage in the jungle for a sneak attack.
    Secondly, In the third episode, breez said she could communicat with over 1800 species of creatures, so she could tell them about stopping the Witch Doctor

  36. "Did anybody notice that Breez was missing?"

    No dip, Sherlock.

  37. @stormer rocka is not a girl. girls are stupid and weak in the jungle compared to the strong and fast boys. plus,what girl would be themed like a LION!?!?!?

  38. @ Anonymous: That's a sexist comment, you know.