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Thursday, December 16, 2010

LEGO Hero Factory 2011: Stormer 2.0 video review

The leader of the Lego Hero Factory Alpha Team is back & better than ever!  Here's Stormer 2.0, set #2063, in video form:

The improvement over the original Stormer is pretty intense.  The original looked good, except for the weapon/hand/arm piece, but had woefully limited movement of the limbs.  Flexibility was downright terrible.  Stormer 2.0 has as much playability as any of the new heroes, meaning a lot, and he maintains a dignified, strong appearance.  His weapon isn't spectacular, sharing the main piece with Nex, Furno, and Evo, but he does include a thin translucent ribbed silicone hose with a blue streak through it that makes me want to buy up a couple dozen of them. It's just a beautiful piece.

All in all, Stormer 2.0 is about as good as the first series of 2011 sets get.


  1. i agree with what you put in the description the flexibility is horrible i dont know if you meant something different but there a just a few too many joints so there *just* a bit to flexible not that much of a setback though

  2. love the targeting system on the grey jaw part