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Thursday, December 16, 2010

LEGO Hero Factory 2011: Jetbug video review

Got room in your appetite for one more Hero Factory villain?  Here's my look at Jetbug, also known as set #2193:

Jetbug strikes me as the Bitil of the Hero Factory universe -- a flying, yellow, insectoid villain hell-bent on causing a lot of trouble for the good guys.    It's a cool set with probably the most useful aesthetic MOC-making pieces of any of 'em.  The translucent neon orange armor pieces are especially juicy & intriguing, though the dark pearl gray weapon pieces used on both hands and for the mandibles are also great pieces. 

The one thing I don't like about Jetbug is the two-sided head, which has Nitroblast's face on the back.  On Nitroblast, the Jetbug face wasn't too obvious, but the reverse is a different story.  Like with Drilldozer & Fire Lord, turn this guy around, and you have another very clear face staring directly at you.  Lego, please never again do this with masks.  If you're going to double them up, do it in such a way that the rear-facing face is completely out of sight.  Thanks.


  1. I have this guy. The jetbug head side of the mask is good for mocing, the other side is not. Obviously! XP

  2. I really like this set because it hasn't got those horrible and annoying multi-jointed arms, and the color is really good and consistent, the translucent armor plates are really good, but... why did they use those old breakable, really poor quality connectors?! ... that offends God :P
    But I like it!When they start to sell 'em in Spain, I will buy it! And really thank you for all those videos! You're doing really good

  3. the back of the head might be good for making a yellow nitroblast!

  4. Or Nitroblast's for a red Jetbug xD