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Thursday, December 16, 2010

LEGO Hero Factory 2011: Evo 2.0 video review

Rounding out the first run of 2011 Lego Hero Factory heroes is set #2067, also known as Evo 2.0:

There has been more buzz about Evo 2.0 than the other 2011 Hero Factory heroes simply because of his color scheme.  More specifically, it's the inclusion of purple that got much of the Hero Factory fanosphere all giddy.  Oddly enough, there are only 3 purple pieces in the set, namely the base of the head, the hero core, and one small rubbery spike.  I guess we're just easily excited.  Other than that, Evo is about the same as any other hero in the series.  Same construction, same posability, same playability.  I think the figure looks pretty good, myself!


  1. Is It A Boy Or A Girl?

  2. From now on call me Anonymous J. Can you give us the codes?

  3. I wonder if this set is worth $7.99...

  4. Oh,how easy is it to unlock the games? I agree. Give us the codes!!