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Sunday, June 20, 2010

LEGO Hero Factory MOCs: Klygess "robot zombies"

The LEGO Hero Factory faces a new challenge!  How will they respond? A new class of terror has surfaced in the form of the decrepit Klygess monsters.  Witnesses report that a horde of these wandering fiends emerged from an access tunnel leading to one of Von Nebula's underground lairs. 

Little does the world know that the Klygess are as much a threat to Von Nebula's operations as to normal, innocent life on the planet.  They are the result of ancient experiments into android technology, combining robotic and biological elements together to create a new type of life.  Citizens never grew warm to the idea, and the test specimens were powered down and placed in long-term storage in an underground vault.  Over time, the facility was forgotten, and the long-lasting fuel cells maintaining the environment slowly wore out and the experimental specimens began to shrivel and corrode. 

Von Nebula's workers unearthed the facility when digging a new lair expansion, awakening the partly-decayed, shrunken, semi-skeletal relics which had by now lost most of their mass, and most of their capacity to think and act as designed.  All that remained were the most primal instincts to move and seek out new environments, bolstered by a shallow, but long-developed rage against the world for forsaking them.  Now they are free, roaming about unchecked, terrorizing all life that they encounter, and tearing apart any property they can.

The LEGO Hero Factory must again spring into action!

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  1. your mocs are so epic, I look up to you and check to see if you have new stuff every ds\ay.