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Saturday, June 12, 2010

LEGO Hero Factory MOC: Broya Kiisilun

The latest combattant to emerge from the LEGO Hero Factory is Broya Kiisilun. His weapon of choice is a staggered double-barrel tactical assault blaster that fires short, but wide blasts that pack a concussive force.  Its shortcoming is its lack of accuracy over a long distance, which requires Broya to fight his way up to the action and engage at close range. 

To close the gap on his enemies quickly, he often equips a booster pack that's lightweight to keep him agile when on the ground, but can carry him through the air for short bursts up to 5 seconds long or to safely slow his descent if he's making a long downward leap.


  1. I try to make hero factory moc's, (Bionicles more my style) but yours are basically the best i've seen. Ever.

  2. Nice. I love de gun. "Get to dee choppa!" XD