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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bionicle Dark Mirror: Toa Gali & Nokama

In the Bionicle alternate universe you refer to as "The Dark Mirror," you know of Toa Gali and Toa Nokama as teachers, in the Re-Education Center.  Indeed, this was fact.  By day, they tought.  By night, they stalked, and they killed.  A particularly close-knit team, they were -- truly elite assassains, masters of their craft. 

Nokama, short in stature, spoke few words, slowly stalking a target with her peripheral vision, never looking directly until the final moment she struck.

Gali, in contrast, was taller than most male Toa, hot-headed, impatient, and enjoyed a fight.  She would even toy with her opponent, to prolong the encounter.  While Nokama approached from water or low shadows, Gali preferred to cling to shaded nooks and corners and pounce from above.

The two had acquired personal sheild units, and the help of Karzahni, these were repurposed and connected to their Toa of Water powers.  Using the refractive powers of their medium, the shields became cloaks -- bubbles of invisibility.  How do you run, from something you do not see?!

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