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Saturday, June 26, 2010

LEGO Bionicle MOCs: Toa Nokama & Gali (Dark Mirror)

One of today's entries from Zeyek introduces alternate versions, of alternate universe versions, of Toa Nokama and Toa Gali.  These were actually two of my earliest MOCs, done over a year ago.  They're simple, but I think they follow my intended visual theme.  I specifically say "visual theme" because at the time I made them, I only knew I wanted them to be a pair of assassains who worked together, and I wanted them to be blue, and use cloaks of invisibility (which you can see mostly retracted on their backs).  I just came up with the backstories for them today :)

See the other pictures of them and read the brief explanation of their place in the Bionicle Dark Mirror Universe in this Zeyek post.


  1. like the shadow toa makuta created to stop the real toa

  2. well i think that makuta is not a toa anonymous

  3. awesome! think it Rocks! i saw it on you tube.

  4. it is cool I will give you that but it needs a gun