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Monday, August 10, 2009

Bionicle MOCs: Gelaeus's robots

Quadriped walker
When I did this build back in April, I was just starting to explore what very different, non-Matoran/Toa creations could be assembled with Bionicle parts. I actually started out approaching it as a sentient creature, perhaps centaur-like, but for some reason I changed directions after the legs & arms were all fitted and made it into a ride-on mech. This has actually ended up being one of my favorite creations to date. The rider is intended to be a robot, himself, and he was built separately and can be removed.

Mini mech
For this build I started by courageously picking up the Metus torso and convincing myself to do something with it. The light blue color was difficult for me to find a color counterpart for other than white, and that had left me worrying that I would come up with something that looked like it whould be related to the Bara Magna Ice Tribe. Fortunately silver was far enough away from white, while still not contrasting too heavily against the light blue. I first did the head, then the legs, and by that time it was obvious that this was going to look like a mech, so I skipped doing hands and went straight for guns. Argh, yet another robot that didn't fit anywhere in the Bionicle universe. Thank goodness Gelaeus came along.

Mini Maxxa
This was the last Gelaeus-bot I built, to support an unveiling & final confrontation with the Rilovian elders in chapter 5, without revealing the (soon to be) existance of the potentially highly controversial full-sized version.

Micro mech
This little guy was one of my earliest builds, but the last to be revealed in the Rilovian storyline. It launched a real-life quest for me to see how small of a humanoid Bionicle I could create while still allowing articulation at every joint. More on that quest later!

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