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Monday, August 10, 2009

Bionicle MOC: The Unknown

The whole time I was writing the first half of the Rilovian story, I hadn't thought for a second of what extra-terrestrial enemy Gelaeus's creations would battle against. After completing Chapter 5, I actually got stuck with a bit of creative block while trying to figure this out. To break free of that block, I opened up a bunch of my parts storage bins and just started grabbing at random items with both hands. Eventually I ended up with a Mantax head in one hand and his shoulder armor in the other, and the build began.

I again wanted to stay distinctly non-Matoran with the design, so I again went with reversed leg joints and made the arms and wrists fold up when at rest like a praying mantis.

I knew I wanted to use one of the masks with a mechanical eye since the first Unknown contacts would be with surveying scouts, and luckily I had a black Akaku that fit the bill perfectly. I also figured that for this species, the general soldiers would all be identical (perhaps cloned), but leader units would have a different color of mask, possibly even a different specific type, but always including that mechanical eye feature.

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