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Monday, August 10, 2009

Bionicle MOC: Gelaeus

When I started building this guy, all I knew was that I hadn't done anything with exceptionally broad shoulders, and I needed to fix that. So, the Vakhi head-based shoulders came first and the rest built in from there. When I got the head figured out, but didn't have the legs done yet, I realized that the placement of the neck was unique enough to treat this creation as something from outside of the Matoran universe. When I started building the legs, I was hoping to make everything fit together, continuing the non-Matoran theme with reversed joints. However, what I made looked rather robotic, so I rolled with that and decided that this would be a creature who had lost his legs and gotten robotic replacements.

With the legs being robotic and their design thus not being at all limited by biologically-based ideas, I figured I'd go crazy and make them more useful than normal. Oh, and they'd transform too. With wheels. Why not, right?

The end product was a scientist/engineer character who had modified his own prosthetic legs basically because he could. I didn't come up with his name until I actually started writing his opening post in the Rilovian storyline.


  1. i think that your moc is pretty cool

  2. I like it. The mouth in relation with the rest of the head is pretty impressive.